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Devils Outduke the Dukes, 79-65
Game Recap
Devils Outduke the Dukes, 79-65
Photo Gallery
Devils Outduke the Dukes, 79-65
By Rob Clough
December 18, 2009


Player Stats

Krystal Thomas


Krystal was in complete control in the low post. She scored enough to be taken seriously as a threat, forcing JMU to try to guard her. Krystal dominated on defense, turning every JMU post into non-factors thanks to her physical play that never turned into fouls. Thanks to her size and quickness, she has the ability to body up opponents and move her feet instead of using her hands to defend. She had one spectacular player where she not only blocked an opponent, she plucked the ball out of the air against her opponent. It was an intimidating move that showed off her growing confidence.

Joy Cheek


This was Joy's best game of the year and one of the best of her career. In addition to scoring a career-high 21 points, she hit the boards and played physical defense. Cheek used all of the skills at her disposal to frustrate the Dukes, including her pull-up jumper, dribble-drive, and especially her spot-up jumper. She did sabotage herself with a couple of silly first half fouls (that sent her to the bench for the duration of the half), but was brilliant in the second half as she took whatever was given to her in terms of offensive opportunities. It was a positive sign for Duke when she came out on fire in the second half after being forced to the bench. She seemed much more sanguine about her mistakes in this game than usual, and I think being able to relax made her a better player.

Keturah Jackson


This was nothing short of an excellent game for KJ. She was hitting jumpers (a three and a long baseline jumper), attacking the basket, forcing Evans into 7 turnovers, and generally anchoring the defense. KJ also forced a held ball.

Karima Christmas


Karima returned to the starting lineup, this time as a forward. Her power and positioning helped her get 8 rebounds, mostly gained by outworking opposing players in the deepest part of the paint. The teardrop she hit was a beautiful shot, looking like quite a weapon. Defensively, she was a terror, forcing 2 jump balls and fearlessly throwing her body around (she was slammed into the floor a couple of times). She was a bit reckless with her fouls, something that limited her minutes, but JMU didn't quite know what to do with her intensity.

Jasmine Thomas


Jasmine flirted with a triple-double; Duke's second-half problems on offense stalled her out at 7 assists. Her rebounding was remarkable in this game, climbing the latter the way Lindsey Harding used to. Both Dawn Evans and coach Kenny Brooks noted what a remarkable athlete she was and how hard it was to handle her as a result. Coach McCallie was pleased with her decision-making. There were times when Jasmine had the ball and probably should have shot the ball, but seemed uncomfortable doing so. It's as though she was trying to force her teammates into carrying the load on offense for awhile, perhaps because she shot so much against Stanford. Jasmine did an excellent job against frosh guard Tarik Hislop, whom she held to 10 points on 4-14 shooting and 5 turnovers.

Bridgette Mitchell


B came off the bench and was up and down. She scored on an inbounds and pulled up for a beautiful 15' jumper. She also missed a few shots badly and had a couple of silly fouls. Mitchell also shuffled her feet a couple of times when she should have passed out. There was certainly no lack of energy in her game, as she went to the floor with abandon and grabbed offensive rebounds. She wasn't always in the right position on defense, though she was impressive at the top of Duke's zone because of her length. That's where she really excels on defense, and I hope to see more of that zone.

Allison Vernerey


Vernerey was too quick for JMU's frontline, who had no choice but to foul her. Anytime their guards came at her, she blocked their shots (a career-high 3). If she was a bit better at the foul line (7-13), she would have had double figures in scoring. Overall, Vernerey did look more comfortable at the foul line, but it was clear that she started to think about her shot too much down the stretch. She also made the rare mistake of bringing the ball down a couple of times, resulting in at least one turnover.

Shay Selby


Shay had some good minutes. She scored on a drive and short jumper, picked off a couple of passes when Duke pressed, and in general played with a lot of energy. She lost Evans a couple of times on defense and paid dearly for it. Overall, her versatility has become valuable for Duke as she's been solid at either guard slot.

Kathleen Scheer


Kathleen got extended minutes for the first time in a while, and did some good things. She hit a three (after begging for the ball for several minutes), played good defense (blocking a shot) and had a great offensive rebound and tap-out to Jasmine. She was especially effective in stretching out the defense when JMU tried to slow Duke down with a 2-3 zone. A couple of Scheer's shots rimmed out, but all of them were solid.

Chelsea Hopkins


Chelsea appeared in a cameo and had a long rebound.

Alexis Rogers


Alexis badly missed a layup in her only game action.

Devils Outduke the Dukes, 79-65
Game Recap
Devils Outduke the Dukes, 79-65
Photo Gallery

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