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Duke Thrashes FSU, 73-43
Game Recap
Duke Thrashes FSU, 73-43
Photo Gallery
Duke Thrashes FSU, 73-43
By Rob Clough
January 29, 2010


Player Stats and Commentary

Krystal Thomas


This was not an easy game for Krystal for any number of reasons, like playing in front of her extended family and against Alexa Deluzio, whom she considers to be a sister. Krystal missed a number of easy shots and FSU's size forced her into a number of turnovers. Despite that, Krystal hunkered down for a double-double. She made a living at the foul line, blocked 2 shots and rendered Jacinta Monroe into a non-factor. It was heartening to see that, despite her struggles, she played through them and got stronger as the game went on.

Joy Cheek


Joy was another player who had her troubles in this game, yet never stopped working hard and made good things happen at the defensive end. She pulled down 9 tough boards (including 4 offensive) and disrupted passing lanes to pick up steals. One of those steals came when she ran up behind an FSU player to knock the ball out of her hands. She also found Selby for a score on a great pass. Joy found success when she went to the basket instead of pulling up for jumpers, including a stickback and 4 foul shots. Going up against an athletic frontcourt, she demonstrated that she was agile enough to keep up with Harvin and force her into mistakes.

Bridgette Mitchell


Bridgette was another Duke player who missed some easy shots, but she more than made up for it with the way she kept the ball moving (5 assists) and her tremendous defense on Clayton. Mitchell was a big key to Duke's initial push as she found Jasmine for a three and Joy for a layup after she hit a jump-hook to start the game. Mitchell made good decisions in transition, finding both Thomases for scores, and she also pinpointed Christmas with a lob.

Keturah Jackson


This was simply an outstanding game from KJ. She made life exceedingly difficult for Courtney Ward, who shot 3-7 but got most of her points long after the game was realistically within reach. Ward also committed 9 turnovers. KJ was a big key in the latter part of Duke's initial push, getting an assist to Vernerey on a three point play and hitting a baseline jumper & banking in another. She sank a couple of more jumpers later in the game, with the latter coming from inside-out. In the second half, she had assists to both Thomases, with her last assist winding up leading to the three from Jasmine that effectively ended the game. Throw in 5 rebounds, and you have a complete performance.

Jasmine Thomas


Jasmine has become very effective in biding her time, waiting to make her move against opponents. When that time comes, a flurry of points is the result, frequently breaking open close games. Against FSU, she scored just 5 points in the first half: an early three during Duke's initial run and a stickback. She was concentrating on defending Angel Gray during this period, but also missed a few shots and turned the ball over a couple of times. Rather than force things, she waited until she found her rhythm again. That came quickly in the second half, when she doubled her scoring total just three minutes into the proceedings with a three and a tough jumper in the lane. When FSU started to inch closer, Jasmine ended a run with a pull-up jumper from 10' and then initiated a fast break. She later scored 7 straight points, including that three that broke FSU's spirit. This was an ACC Player of the Year type performance, and doing it against one of the best teams in the conference serves notice to Duke's future opponents.

Karima Christmas


Karima was rendered ineffective with foul trouble most of the game, though she did finish an early lob from Mitchell. That didn't stop her from forcing 2 steals in the press, and coming up with a huge block.

Allison Vernerey


This was the most effective game Allison's played in quite some time. She was eager to come out and make an impact in the early going, as she scored on a drive (a move I hadn't seen her make often) and then finished a three point play. She was quiet in the second half (other than a great pass to Mitchell) until she took over down the stretch, scoring 6 of Duke's final 13 points and coming up with an assist. Allison put a lot together in this game: she committed no fouls, had only 1 turnover, finished a couple of passes (after working so hard to try to set up her teammates all year) and was a key in helping to stop Monroe. This is a performance to build on the rest of the season.

Shay Selby


The great thing about Selby's evolution at Duke is that she's no longer a player who needs to have the ball in her hands to make an impact. Her one basket came on a pass from Cheek, but her threeball attempts were both good shots in the flow of the offense. Her more significant impact came on defense, where she forced a jump ball, grabbed three rebounds and even blocked a shot. There have been games where her shooting has garnered more attention, but it's the consistency of her effort that got her double-digit minutes.

Chelsea Hopkins


Chelsea made the most of her minutes (4). While she missed a three and another short jumper, she took them with confidence. That made her a viable offensive threat, which allowed her to drive, draw her defender and toss a pass over her should to Cheek for a layup. That was a key basket because it pushed Duke's lead up to 19 again after FSU had scored to stop Duke's run. Late in the second half, she had a steal & runout as well as a pass inside to Vernerey for a score. This was exactly what Chelsea needed to do to earn playing time: play smart, play aggressively but not carelessly, and make the sort of athletic plays of which she's capable.

Alexis Rogers


Lexi was thrown into the mix early on but didn't have a great impact. She did grab a board, but she threw a pass out of bounds against the zone and missed on a three (the latter was a good shot, however). Still, it was good to see her get early minutes, an indicator that she's starting to catch up with the speed of the game and is doing the work necessary in practice to earn playing time.

Kathleen Scheer


Kathleen came out a couple of times as a zone decoy, but missed her only shot.

Duke Thrashes FSU, 73-43
Game Recap
Duke Thrashes FSU, 73-43
Photo Gallery

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