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Devils Outslug Jackets, 64-50
Game Recap
Previewing Maryland
Devils Outslug Jackets, 64-50
By Rob Clough
February 20, 2010


Player-by-Player Stats and Commentary

Allison Vernerey


Allison seemed overwhelmed by Tech's sheer physicality at first, but adjusted and started giving as good as she got. Her three point play to open the second half was a move that showed off her toughness, while her jump-hook from the right block was a move we hadn't seen from her before. What Vernerey didn't do is get tough rebounds or value the ball, and that's something that she'll need to continue to work on as the play becomes more physical this season.

Joy Cheek


Goofus and Gallant Joy Cheek strike again, as Joy committed some silly fouls (including the most obvious offensive foul I've ever seen) and didn't finish some easy shots. On the other hand, Joy also came up with some tough rebounds in the second half, got a stickback that put Duke up for good and nailed a three that put the game out of reach. As frustrating and inconsistent as her play can be at times, there's no question that she can make plays. It's hard to overstate the effect of that three; you could see the light go out of Georgia Tech's eyes when it splashed down.

Bridgette Mitchell


Bridgette's shot selection was, shall we say, unorthodox. She rarely paused to pull up or square her shoulders before shooting, instead preferring to throw it up near the backboard and hope that the shot either went in or that someone else would pick it up. That said, her three with two minutes to go in the first half was one of the biggest shots of the game for Duke. Duke had scored 2 points in the past eight minutes and Tech was starting to turn momentum their way. That shot evened the game at 20 and reset the table. There was certainly no fault with B's effort on defense, as she came up with 2 steals that led directly to Jasmine Thomas scores. She also found Christmas for a jumper as she led the team in assists with 4. Mitchell proved that Brigitte Ardossi isn't the only player with a motor that doesn't quit, as she actually worked to wear down Ardossi and Alex Montgomery--both physically and mentally. This is a player who didn't care a whit about her mistakes and instead just kept coming.

Keturah Jackson


KJ was one of many players who struggled in the first half, missing 3 of 4 shots and throwing some errant passes. The second half was a different matter, as she hit a key jumper with thirteen minutes left to stop a Duke scoring drought, played tough defense all game long and even sank 2 free throws early in the second half to help open up a bit of a lead. Jackson also delivered a pass to Vernerey to open the second half for a go-ahead score. KJ forced a couple of jump balls to go with some steals she picked up attacking the dribble. Her pull-up jumper from about 10' is becoming a reliable weapon, and she went to it three times in this game with success.

Jasmine Thomas


On a floor filled with great athletes, Jasmine proved that she had another gear. In a performance worthy of one of the front-runners for ACC player of the year, Jasmine used her quickness to get to the rim again and again. She finished in transition twice, finished off passes that came from steals on two occasions, blew by the defense in the halfcourt four times and drained a 15' jumper. She topped that off with key assists to Vernerey, K.Thomas and Cheek. Throw in her rebounds that immediately turbocharged the offense and open-floor steals, and you have a tremendous game. Her main problem in this game was an all-too-frequent carelessness with the ball. There were times where she was just going a bit too fast and played free and easy against a club looking to exploit careless passes. She also threw some passes over the head or through the hands of her teammates. Still, she scored nearly a third of her team's points and kept Tech off-balance the whole time. Kudos to Coach McCallie for finding ways to get her extra rest, like taking her out before a timeout and bringing her back a minute or two afterwards. She's Duke's only player consistently player more than 30 minutes a night, and caution is being used not to burn her out before March arrives.

Karima Christmas


Karima fought through a tough first half (1-6 from the floor and an offensive foul) to come up with a number of key plays in the second half. She hit a 10' jumper after a three minute scoring drought for Duke, gave Duke a lead with 2 foul shots and then increased that lead from 5 to 9 with 4 straight points. She also dug out a few tough rebounds and had a couple of open-court steals. While not an exceptionally efficient game, she still had a significant impact at both ends of the floor. Like several of Duke's other players, she fought through a tough start to help lead the team to a victory.

Krystal Thomas


Offensively, Krystal was dreadful in the first half. She went up with no confidence on the rare occasions when she did take a shot, and she did a poor job of protecting the ball. She was her usual tough self when it came to rebounding and defending, especially when she forced Ardossi into a number of tough shots. The last ten minutes of the game were another story, as she scored 10 of Duke's final 25 points. Thomas started with a jump shot, confidently hit 2 free throws and then finished inside repeatedly. Tech's Sasha Goodlett looked exhausted while Krystal was just starting to get into a groove. Krystal dominated the boards, kept her fouls under control and gave Duke's offense the additional dimension needed to beat a ranked team on the road. This was the first time all season that Duke's managed that trick.

Shay Selby


Shay dug out a couple of rebounds, but missed both of her looks. One of her fouls was for a Tech three point play. Like some of the other young players, she seemed almost shocked at how physical it was out there.

Alexis Rogers


With Cheek and Mitchell both in foul trouble, Lexi had a solid couple of minutes. She grabbed a tough rebound, went down to her knees and managed to keep her dribble alive.

Devils Outslug Jackets, 64-50
Game Recap
Previewing Maryland

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