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Tough Duke Sweeps Maryland, 71-59
Game Recap
Tough Duke Sweeps Maryland, 71-59
Photo Gallery
Tough Duke Sweeps Maryland, 71-59
By Rob Clough
February 21, 2010


Player-by-Player Stats and Commentary

Krystal Thomas


Krystal moved back into the starting lineup based on her productivity against Georgia Tech but was back to her passive self for the first thirty or so minutes of the game. Interestingly, that roughly corresponds to the length of time that she struggled against the Jackets as well. After that, she hit 2 key stickbacks, sank 2 free throws and finished the Terps off with a transition bucket. More importantly, she was the only Duke player who came close to slowing down Lynetta Kizer. Kizer had 13 and 13, but Krystal bodied her up down the stretch and forced some misses & turnovers from her long-time foe. Kizer and Thomas played against each other in AAU ball. Krystal's 4 blocks helped force Maryland take a few more jumpers than perhaps they would have liked.

Joy Cheek


A brilliant performance from the senior, who limited her mistakes and played with great confidence. She sagely noted "You can't play minutes and not do anything" and she took that spur to productivity to heart as she was both careful in the shots she took and aggressive in how she called for the ball. Cheek displayed her entire skill set in this game: shooting, attacking off the dribble, using her size to back down opponents, passing, playing aggressive defense off the ball and getting to the foul line. All of the things that she had only shown in flashes were on full display for most of her 38 (!) minutes. Even her missed shots were good ones, as some great half-hooks simply didn't drop for her. Her passing was especially impressive, as she found Mitchell and Christmas for threes and later hit K.Thomas in transition. Joy simply seemed more alert and focused than I've seen her all year, as the play where she adroitly took a pass from Christmas that popped out of a double-team and converted it into a three point play. Joy may be feeling a sense of urgency as her career at Duke winds down, but if she continues to play like this the rest of the year, that career may well be extended by a few games.

Bridgette Mitchell


Bridgette nailed a three early in the game and then put up some painfully awkward shots that once again seemed to be designed to get near the basket rather than into the basket. She did have a couple of assists for threes and some relentless work on the boards in the second half (she had a team-high 5 offensive boards), but her biggest play came in the form of the charge she took with just seconds left in the first half. That gave Duke another possession, which they took full advantage of.

Keturah Jackson


KJ looked worn out at times in this contest, after playing 38 minutes against Georgia Tech. She had early assists to Cheek and Christmas but threw it away a couple of times after that. Jackson did hit an early three to break a tie and drained 2 foul shots at the end of the half after Duke had gone over six minutes with no points. In the second half, her main contributions came in the form of relentless defense on Bjork (who was 1-5 in the half with 2 turnovers) and 3 rebounds. Duke will need her at her peak when they go up against Monica Wright and Virginia.

Jasmine Thomas


Jasmine is under the weather, and it showed in the way she took some shots and turned the ball over without thinking. Jasmine also seemed a step slow on defense at times in the first half, but she sure made up for that in the second. Her only field goals came on 2 steals & runouts and a first-half tip-in. That second steal proved to be a game-changing play, deflating the Terps and giving Duke all the energy they needed down the stretch. Jasmine also climbed the ladder for 6 rebounds to go along with her eventual 5 steals and 8 points. Certainly not a vintage game, but her teammates helped pick up the slack. After the way she carried them in Atlanta, they owed her one.

Allison Vernerey


Allison struggled off the bench for much of the game. She was no match physically for Kizer, who took advantage of her one-on-one. Alli did miss some great looks at the basket that just rimmed out. She'll have an advantage to work her way back up the rotation against a Virginia team that is fairly small and a UNC team against whom she had some success.

Karima Christmas


Simply a magnificent game for Karima, who shot noticeably better now that the tape is off her hand. The pain in her hand clearly had an effect both on her shot and her thinking about her shot, and it was obvious that she was able to get into the flow of this game very quickly. Taking what the defense was leaving open for her, she drained 3 first half treys. Her dash down the floor with seconds left at the end of the half, complete with a reverse layup and the foul, was a spectacular play that gave Duke a boost going into the second half. In the second half, she drained an early three to break a tie and then broke a Duke scoring drought with a drive and put them ahead after a steal with 2 free throws. Her three point play after a stickback and 2 foul shots with 1:16 left and Duke up by 6 were also crucial plays. An even more impressive play was her heads-up pass to Cheek under the basket when she was trapped after snagging an offensive rebound. While Maryland kept Jasmine under control, Karima was one player they couldn't match up with.

Shay Selby


Shay was once again curiously passive on the offensive end. Not so defensively--she took two charges (and currently boasts a team-leading 8), including the charge that resulted in the "five point play".

Kathleen Scheer


Kathleen got some minutes late in the first half when Duke was battling foul trouble. She battled for a rebound and missed a good-looking turnaround jumper.

Tough Duke Sweeps Maryland, 71-59
Game Recap
Tough Duke Sweeps Maryland, 71-59
Photo Gallery

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