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Tar Heels Smash Devils, 64-54
Game Recap
Tar Heels Smash Devils, 64-54
Photo Gallery
Tar Heels Smash Devils, 64-54
By Rob Clough
February 28, 2010


Player-by-Player Stats and Commentary

Krystal Thomas


Krystal made little impact in this game. UNC's zone made it tough for her to get entry passes, but she didn't help much defensively either. Even when the Heels' posts all fouled out of the game, Krystal didn't get any touches or grab many offensive rebounds. Duke badly needed her step up and provide some balance on offense.

Joy Cheek


Joy had a lot of trouble with UNC's shot-blockers, which forced her to become a jump shooter for the most part. Unfortunately, she hit just 2 jumpers in this game; her other two baskets came on drives. The real problem with Joy's performance was that she only got 2 rebounds, a factor that killed the Devils as they struggled to block out the Heels for much of the first half. Fouls were also a problem and limited her aggressiveness to a certain extent. Like many of her teammates, Joy simply seemed off-balance for much of the game.

Bridgette Mitchell


Playing with energy was certainly not a problem for Mitchell, who finished with a career-high 5 steals and also grabbed 8 rebounds. The problem was that the ball was not going in the basket, whether it was threes (0-4), short jumpers or drives. One of her scores was a runout and the other came on a well-designed set play. There was nothing wrong with her defense in this game, other than fouling too much. Like the rest of her cold-shooting teammates, this is a game to forget but a performance to reference down the stretch.

Keturah Jackson


KJ was great on defense and awful on offense. Other than a single fast break finish, she was an offensive non-factor and turned the ball over 3 times. She missed the front end of a crucial one-and-one that helped let the Heels back into the game. Defensively, she caused all sorts of havoc in pressuring the ball and was also a strong presence on the boards. She simply didn't seem to be all there in this game at both ends of the floor.

Jasmine Thomas


It's tough to have an opponent focus everything in an attempt to stop you, and it clearly wore on Jasmine. She broke through with a drive and a couple of layups in the first half and hit a huge three in the second half to put Duke up by 7. She went ice cold over the last fifteen minutes of the game, a time when she usually steps up to put opponents away. In this game, she missed shot after shot and even had the ball stripped away from her a few times. She also had problems in trying to contain DeGraffenreid, a game after a brilliant showing against Virginia. Jasmine simply needs to put her 4-16 shooting performance behind her and move on for a chance at redemption in the ACC tournament.

Karima Christmas


Karima had the best all-around showing by a Duke player in this game. She had a key three as well as a steal & layup in the first half. In the second half, she was the only Duke player who was consistently attacking the basket with any success, getting to the foul line, getting a stickback and finishing a fast break. She rebounded like crazy (7, with 4 offensive), played tough defense and in general played with a strong amount of focus. Christmas didn't have much luck finishing a lot of her shots, however, as the Heels made her think about them a bit too much. Missing all three free throws after being fouled behind the arc further swung momentum in Carolina's direction. Still, it was good to see her aggressive and actively look to provide a pressure valve for Jasmine Thomas.

Allison Vernerey


Allison was overwhelmed by UNC's speed and shot-blocking in this game. She never stopped fighting and did game up with 3 offensive rebounds, but she hit just 1 field goal and coughed up the ball 4 times. Some of those weren't entirely her fault, as some passes landed at her feet. The Heels were completely successful in shutting down her effectiveness, and neither she nor K.Thomas had much luck against Waltiea Rolle.

Shay Selby


Shay provided some solid minutes in the first half as she hit a three, triggered a fast break and sank another jumper. She also had a good look later in the first half that would have given Duke a lead, but it didn't fall. She also had her dribble stripped a couple of times against UNC's pressure, and Selby perhaps seemed a bit surprised at how hard her opponent was playing.

Tar Heels Smash Devils, 64-54
Game Recap
Tar Heels Smash Devils, 64-54
Photo Gallery

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