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NCAA: Duke Broadsides Hampton, 72-37
Game Recap
NCAA: Duke Broadsides Hampton, 72-37
Photo Gallery
NCAA: Duke Broadsides Hampton, 72-37
By Rob Clough
March 20, 2010


Player-by-Player Stats and Commentary

Krystal Thomas


Krystal had just one field goal land, with her left-handed layup attempts in particular clanking off the rim. She looked a bit out-of-sync in general on offense, as she turned the ball over a few times. She had no such problems on defense. Other than getting beaten once on defense, she was a towering presence in the post. She blocked 2 shots but altered several more, and also pulled down some tough rebounds.

Joy Cheek


This was not a high-impact game for Joy. She missed a couple of weak shots early on and had a couple of turnovers (including being whistled for lifting her pivot foot before she drove). Cheek did have a great move where she split the defense and scored early in the first half, and she also pulled down a couple of very tough rebounds. It may well be for the best that she only played 18 minutes in this game, since she will called upon for some serious duty against LSU.

Karima Christmas


This was a brilliant showing for Karima, who really did it all. She used her strength to dominate Hampton in all sorts of ways. Christmas was unstoppable off the dribble, where she either scored on drives or free throws or else created for a teammate. Karima was also active on the offensive boards with two stickbacks. She had a couple of crowd-pleasing plays as she finished in transition and was then fouled, and later grabbed a lob pass in mid-air and laid it in. Christmas combined with Jasmine to menace Hampton on defense as part of a series of traps that steadily wore the Lady Pirates down.

Keturah Jackson


KJ's focus was razor-sharp in this game, and that intensity made her execution sparkle. She used her size to get to the rim whenever she wanted, she smoothly drained a couple of jump shots, and finished in transition. While shutting down Hampton point guard Jericka Jenkins, she also dished out assists to Scheer and Vernerey. Her poise, toughness and efficiency were remarkable in this game, and are part of her increased aggressiveness on offense over the past few games. Her ability to score in this game made things much easier for Jasmine and Karima.

Jasmine Thomas


Jasmine did almost all of her damage in one ten-minute stretch in the first half. She dished 2 assists (including a spectacular one to Christmas) and scored 11 points, attacking the Lady Pirates in every manner possible. She hit her trademark jumper, posted up, scored off steals, drained a three and broke down Hampton's defense with a highlight-reel spin move. Jasmine also did great work on the boards and was a menace on defense. She wasn't really needed in the second half and got a lot of time to rest in advance of Duke's matchup with LSU.

Bridgette Mitchell


The stats can't fully describe the chaos that Bridgette caused the moment she stepped on the floor. She's entered the mold of a Peppi Browne: a player who disrupts the defense at every turn and snags seemingly every loose ball. Mitchell is sort of a hurricane version of Browne, a player who wreaks havoc for a short period of time and then goes quiet, until she starts attacking again. Early in the game, Hampton was starting to gain confidence by hitting a few tough shots. When Bridgette entered the game, she immediately started blocking shots, getting steals, following up shots, finding teammates for open shots and pulling down tough rebounds. Against a team brimming with energy, Mitchell came in and topped their intensity with her own will to win. Mitchell still pushes some of her shots and commits the occasional turnover, but that doesn't diminish what she can bring to the table, and certainly not in this game.

Allison Vernerey


Allison was her usual energetic self off the bench, immediately establishing herself as a scorer when she entered the game. She noted after the game that the NCAA tournament wasn't something she was all that aware of in France, especially the women's tournament. Like much of American basketball, she was thrilled by the game and everything that went along with it: the fans, the cheerleaders, the bands, etc. She started the game with a lefty finish on a feed from Christmas while pulling down 5 first-half rebounds and blocking a shot. In the second half, she finished on a cut, drained a 10' jumper and was fouled sinking another shot. Allison also drew two fouls, which McCallie said might be "a world record" for post players. Like Mitchell, she was an x-factor Hampton was just not prepared to deal with.

Shay Selby


Shay had a quiet game, missing all 3 of her shots (she had one of them blocked). She dug in for a couple of rebounds, but never seemed to tune in to the rhythm of this game. This was the first time in a while where she didn't make a significant contribution in a game, and I expect Duke to call on her when they play LSU on Monday.

Chelsea Hopkins


Chelsea got quite a few minutes in this game, as I think Coach P wanted to counter Hampton's smaller guards with the small but scrappy Hopkins. It worked reasonably well, as she followed her own shot to get a stickback during Duke's huge first half run. She missed a longer jumper later in the game, but did a nice job of getting to the foul line in the second half. What she didn't do was get the ball to others in position to convert; with 0 assists and 2 turnovers, she was acting more as a scoring guard than a playmaker.

Kathleen Scheer


This was Kathleen's most productive game in quite some time. It wasn't just that she hit 2 of her 3 threes (including a back-breaking shot near the end of the first half pictured in our photo gallery), it was also her overall effort on defense and on the boards. She played a good bit at three as well as two, making sure to rebound out of that position and go to the offensive boards in particular. In a word, Kathleen just seemed comfortable in this game, in a way I've rarely seen from her in her career. A Scheer who can come in cold off the bench and drain a three would be a huge boost in the postseason.

Alexis Rogers


Alexis got into the game with about eight minutes left. I thought she hustled nicely, grabbing a board and digging in for a steal. The two shots she missed were both good ones. It's unfortunate that she's fallen so far out of the rotation, because she has all the tools needed to contribute. To a certain degree, it's a numbers game with so many experienced forwards ahead of her. Another problem is that she's solid in many areas but doesn't have a go-to skill that would earn her playing time.

NCAA: Duke Broadsides Hampton, 72-37
Game Recap
NCAA: Duke Broadsides Hampton, 72-37
Photo Gallery

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