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Duke Doubles Wingate, 88-44
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Previewing Carson-Newman
Duke Doubles Wingate, 88-44
By Rob Clough
November 3, 2010


Player Stats and Commentary

Duke Starters

Krystal Thomas


Krystal has yet to demonstrate the shooting touch that she purportedly had developed this summer. In the first half, she also continued to be distressingly passive on offense. Allowing a small team to dictate your offense simply by throwing up a zone is not going to fly against quality opponents. While her teammates were somewhat to blame by not getting her touches, Krystal simply wasn't aggressive enough in posting up and calling for the ball. Her airball momentarily rattled her, leading to 3 first half fouls. That third foul was a bit of a wake-up call, as she knew that Duke had no viable options beyond her in the post. Indeed, her first power-up move came right after her second foul. In the second half, she started off with a hook shot and did some nice work in the post, especially when it came to scoring after offensive rebounds. Her wackiest moment came when Jasmine delivered a slightly high pass to her when she was standing with her back turned under the basket. She took the pass and flipped it behind her for the score. Defensively, she smartly avoided picking up any more fouls (and wisely just used her size to defend as opposed to trying to block every shot) and kept working hard on the boards, grabbing 14 in the second half alone. Certainly, she had a good 5 inches on every one of her opponents, but she absolutely dominated the boards in the way she should have. More items to work on: making good decisions with the ball (she traveled a couple of times and also had some questionable passes) and was just 3-8 from the foul line. If she can actually get to the line 8 times in every game, she'll need to work up to at least 60 or 70% from the line.

Kathleen Scheer


This was obviously the best game of Scheer's career. She noted in postgame that she came into the program and tried to make herself purely into a two-guard shooting threes, but that she was capable of other things, things she used to do in high school. Early on, that tendency to hunt bad shots reared its head, but that was tempered by her intense effort on defense and the boards. Effort has never been an issue for Scheer, but efficiency certainly has, and this game was easily the most efficient I've ever seen her on the floor. She is not a great ballhandler and doesn't have the kind of first step that will dazzle opponents. She is, however, a heady player who will be at her best when she doesn't stop the ball, but rather reacts with it quickly in her hands. That means when she posts up, she needs to back in and rapidly turn around for that highly effective shot of hers. She posted up twice in that manner, and while it was against an opponent giving up about three inches, the shot would have been hard for anyone to block. I especially liked the way she used the glass in getting her shot to land. This is not to say that Scheer should abandon long-range shooting. Her ability to stretch a defense with her shot will be a major reason why she might succeed at the four. However, that shot should be attempted (ideally) from either inside-out (like when she hit two threes on passes from Krystal Thomas) or in a catch-and-shoot situation on a skip pass (like the one that Selby threw her). Of course, being able to hit shorter shots bolstered her confidence to the point where she stopped flinging up shots hoping they would go in and instead looked poised and confident with every attempt. With 11 rebounds, a block and even a couple of assists, Scheer gave notice that she is very much in the mix for major playing time this season.

Karima Christmas


Karima was pretty much in midseason form, with the exception of her long ball not dropping. She simply bullied Wingate at will, powering up for 3 stickbacks and getting to the line 8 times, mostly after offensive rebounds. When she wasn't attacking the boards and brushing off defenders, she was hounding Wingate players into turnovers, forcing 3 steals. Combine that with assists to Peters and J.Thomas, and you have a fairly complete game from the senior. She may need to lay off pull-up threes a bit and rely on her teammates getting her the ball in better scoring positions.

Haley Peters


Haley plays with an intensity that's almost scary to watch, which is something she'll need to tone down a bit as she matures. She's sometimes so intense that she gets in her own way on plays, forcing shots or dribbling into trouble. She's also the kind of player who will need to adopt a "next play" attitude as soon as possible; like Alana Beard and Abby Waner before her, she clearly beats herself up too much over mistakes. Even when she was turning the ball over and badly missing shots in the first half, she was always in the right place at the right time on defense. Even with those mistakes, if she had slowed down just a bit and thought plays through, she was in position to do some good things. In the second half, she looked relieved when her bank shot went in and she got another shot to fall as the shot clock was winding down. It doesn't help that Peters is learning multiple positions, though McCallie noted that we will see her primarily at power forward this year. In other words, she and Scheer will be competing for time at the same position, though McCallie also said that she likes playing the two of them together in certain situations (a look we saw a few times in this game).

Shay Selby


Shay got the start at point guard and did a credible job. She threw a brilliant pass to Jasmine on a well-designed back pick-for lob play. She hit Scheer for a three and Christmas after she forced a steal. Selby scored off the dribble and also hit a late trey and bank shot. She also took several bad shots that were forced, and once turned the ball over and compounded the error by committing a foul. That's not the kind of play you want to see from a junior looking to command major minutes. Of course, this is the first time Shay is seeing major minutes with the starting lineup, so she will have to adjust as much as anyone.

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Off the Duke Bench (in order of entry)

Chloe Wells


Wells did everything pretty well but shoot. She was the first sub in off the bench and was immediately handed the point guard reins. That said, she was a bit uncertain on when to shoot, when to pass, when to drive and where to move without the ball. These are all typical problems for a young point guard, especially one accustomed to taking a lot of shots in high school. Wells knew that she simply couldn't launch shots whenever she felt like it, but her team did want her to take good shots. In the first half, that translated to a couple of highly awkward attempts. In the second half, she missed several more attempts, but they were better looks--including a couple of threes that rimmed in and out. Defensively, I loved the way that Chloe anticipated bad passes and jumped on them, leading to some easy scores. Like the other frosh, Wells just needs reps in game situations in order to figure out how she fits in. I'd say the battle for major point guard minutes is fairly close between she and Selby.

Tricia Liston


Liston alternated between trying a bit too hard and not taking her opponent as seriously as she should have. She bricked a couple of layups (one blocked by the bottom of the backboard) and took a couple of high-difficulty shots in the first half. She looked much less relaxed than she did in the Blue-White game, and I think the early difficulties she faced may have rattled her a bit. She did calm down a bit in the last ten minutes of the game, easily sinking a beautiful three and then draining a 15' jumper. I got the sense that she wished the game could have gone on a bit longer, because she was just starting to warm up. This game gave her a sense that she will need to exert a maximum amount of effort, but will need to do so in a way that is in the context of helping her teammates and contributing to a winning play, as opposed to simply her own shot. She certainly has the tools to do so.

Jasmine Thomas


Jasmine sat out the first five minutes of the game for breaking the proverbial "unspecified team rule" but didn't miss a beat when she came in. Her long range shot looked a bit rusty (including an airball on a corner three), but she used her speed to blow by defenders, her strength to go after offensive rebounds and her leaping ability to go high to shoot that jumper of hers. Her court awareness is really finely tuned as a senior, understanding scoring and steal opportunities that she might have misjudged as a younger players. As a result, she's now able to more efficiently use her energy on the floor instead of exhausting herself needlessly by going all-out, all-the-time. Jasmine alternated between handling the ball and passing that duty off to either Selby or Wells, and it was clear that she enjoyed hunting her shot for extended periods of time.

Duke Doubles Wingate, 88-44
Photo Gallery
Previewing Carson-Newman

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