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Devils Crush Carson-Newman, 121-65
Photo Gallery
What Elizabeth Williams Means to Duke
Devils Crush Carson-Newman, 121-65
By Rob Clough
November 7, 2010


Player Stats and Commentary

Duke Starters

Krystal Thomas


Krystal was a little more active in seeking out her shot early in the game than she was last week, but she had a lot of trouble finishing. Fortunately for her, she was able to rebound three of her own misses for scores and finish inside when she was fed some nice passes. Once again, she was a bit too aggressive at times, picking up 4 fouls (including an offensive foul), but she played intelligently once she got into deep foul trouble. Krystal did a great job of passing out of the post and finding open teammates, hitting J.Thomas and Wells for threes and finding Wells in transition. Krystal is doing a lot of impressive little things in the game. Her low screens are allowing teammmates to drive to the basket. Her block-outs allow teammates like Scheer to grab rebounds. She's acting as a safety valve at midcourt when her guard teammates are pressured, and her improved ballhandling has allowed Duke to advance the ball quickly after she grabs a rebound. If she can display better touch with the ball and can finish harder going to the basket, she will be an all-around force.

Kathleen Scheer


Two games, two double-doubles for Scheer. Granted, he is playing against significantly smaller opposition, but the way she goes after every loose ball with intense desire has been impressive. She unveiled a right-handed hook shot in this game for a score, sank a couple of threes and scored on a couple of drives. She played sticky defense, diving after bad passes and getting a nasty block (and rebound). Scheer did travel a couple of times (the officials were really cracking down players double-dribbling and lifting their pivot foot), but her overall ease and aggressiveness was impressive. She is still most effective in a catch-and-shoot situation from long range rather than hunting her own shot, and I think her teammates have much more confidence that she'll shoot and make that shot now. I'm eager to see what she can do against bigger, tougher opponents.

Karima Christmas


Karima picked up two quick fouls and so didn't get as many minutes as her teammates (just 17). It wasn't a coincidence that Duke's perimeter defense suffered a number of lapses when she was out of the game. Once again, she was menacing on defense and efficient on offense when she was playing. She scored three times on drives, nailed a three and finished another play when Scheer found her after a rebound. Karima moved the ball around nicely with 6 assists against 0 turnovers, finding J.Thomas, Peters, K.Thomas, and Liston. Many of those passes came right after steals. Karima also had a couple of great blocks against smaller foes. Other than her foul trouble in the first couple of games, she's very much played like a savvy senior.

Jasmine Thomas


This kind of game posed no challenge for Jasmine. It's telling that her presence in the starting lineup made all the difference for Duke's fast start, as opposed to the previous game where Duke looked sluggish with Jasmine on the bench. Jasmine scored 8 quick points to stake Duke to a big early lead and then laid back to assist her teammates and go after steals. On several occasions, she passed up taking an open shot to set up a young teammate, as when she found Wells and Liston open for three and later found Liston for a score after a steal. Jasmine had a couple of highlight plays that included a spectacular spin move in the lane for a basket and a nasty weakside block, and a near-highlight in a lob catch that didn't quite go in the basket. Her shot is still slightly erratic and streaky and tends to look better when she's in a catch-and-shoot instead of off-the-dribble.

Shay Selby


Shay had a solid showing starting at point guard, even if she was overshadowed a bit by Wells' big game. She was 0-4 in the first half from the field but scored twice off drives in the second half and drained a short jumper as well. Shay certainly hustled after the ball, grabbing 6 boards. Selby just needs to continue to play within herself as a point guard, because her experience will give her the edge over Wells if she simply keeps making the right play rather than pursuing the most spectacular one.

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Off the Duke Bench (in order of entry)

Chloe Wells


Chloe was spectacular in this game, draining shots from all over the floor and grabbing an incredible 9 steals. She turned most of those steals into points as she made a beeline straight for the basket. Wells also found fellow frosh Peters & Liston for baskets and took care of the ball nicely. It must be said that she was less of a traditional point guard and more of a small, attacking guard. She was much more relaxed in this game, and spoke to how in her first game she was "more into myself; when something wasn't going good for me, I had my head down instead of playing for my team". That's a sharp observation for a young player, as was her comment on how she stayed sharp after having to sit out her senior of high school basketball: "I was still the point guard, just off the court." It's clear that Wells has the potential to be an excellent backup throughout her career, and she may well finish a number of games even if she doesn't start them.

Haley Peters


Like Wells, Haley was much more relaxed and confident in her second game than her first. The level of effort and high IQ were still there, as she forced 3 jump balls. Her offensive efficiency was impressive in this game, as she hit a turnaround jumper, scored on a cut, scored & was fouled on a cut, hit a right-handed hook shot, nailed a 10' turnaround jumper and finally sank a 15' jumper. She eschewed the long ball in this game, preferring to work closer to the basket. She would have played more if it wasn't for her foul trouble, as she actually wound up fouling out. McCallie wasn't upset with Haley's effort, but Peters does need to figure out when to dial it back just a bit. She's a heady player who will adjust to the physicality of the game at this level and just what she can and can't get away with.

Tricia Liston


It was truly night and day for Liston after her lackluster performance in Duke's first exhibition game. Make no mistake--she has a number of limitations as a player. Her lateral quickness is poor and she's not nearly strong enough (yet) to challenge most opponents inside, despite a strong desire to do so. In this game, a C-N player was able to take her off the dribble all the way to the basket for a score. On the plus side, Liston played with non-stop intensity, making up for that lack of quickness with intelligent positioning and aggressive hands. She forced two held balls and had 5 steals overall as she read deflections nicely. Offensively, she uncorked her gorgeous threeball for 2 out of 3 and finished drives, cuts and stickbacks. Her 5 offensive boards reflect her overall level of effort, and this game had to be great for her confidence.

Richa Jackson


Richa didn't get to play last week and it showed a bit in this game, as her timing and rhythm weren't quite at the same level of her fellow frosh. One could catch glimpses of her enormous potential in this game, as she used her quickness to grab an offensive rebound and stick it back. She displayed her game savvy by finding J.Thomas just in the nick of time when she was double-teamed. Jackson showed off her ability as a scorer when she split the defense and flicked up a left-handed floater. Jackson also showed that she needs to relax a bit more from the perimeter, as she airballed a couple of attempts. Jackson is a weapon and I'm looking forward to seeing how Duke uses her.

Allison Vernerey


Allison got her first minutes of the season as she's slowly being brought along after a head injury. She's been practicing and is slowly working her way back into the rotation and was the last player off the bench in this game. She scored on a (right-handed!) hook shot in this game and grabbed 3 boards in just seven minutes of game time. She also threw an ill-advised pass into the post that she turned over. Coach McCallie opted not to play her in the second half. Vernerey did not incur any additional injuries; it was simply a matter of caution.

Devils Crush Carson-Newman, 121-65
Photo Gallery
What Elizabeth Williams Means to Duke

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