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Duke Knocks Off BYU, 69-54
Photo Gallery
Previewing USC at Duke
Duke Knocks Off BYU, 69-54
By Rob Clough
November 13, 2010


Player Stats and Commentary

Duke Starters

Krystal Thomas


Krystal's performance as a rebounder and defender, as always, was beyond reproach. On offense, she regressed. She twice brought the ball down after getting good position in the lane instead of simply going up with her shot. She bricked 2 foul shots. She threw a number of wild passes and committed an offensive foul when she swung her elbow after grabbing a rebound. She also started fouling at an alarming rate in the second half. She did manage a late finish going to the hope courtesy of Jackson, but overall she didn't look at all fluid. In her defense, the guards need to give her the ball in better locations; more than one pass was aimed at her feet. Duke needs Krystal to provide some double-digit scoring this year to maintain its balance, and it will be up to her to find the right groove to work in.

Kathleen Scheer


Kathleen's early-season showings against Div II opponents were no fluke. She proved to be a relentless rebounder and energy player; her early stickback showed how hard she's working on the offensive boards and kept Duke's comeback momentum going. Scheer really went to work in the second half, hitting 2 threes, nailing a leaner and score on a pass from J.Thomas. The most impressive part of Scheer's game was her post defense, blocking 2 shots and generally doing a great job of defending the rim while jumping back out to guard shooters. Scheer wasn't bothered by BYU's physical style, which is a great sign of potential future success. She also did a great job of talking with Vernerey on where each player needed to be.

Karima Christmas


There's no question that Karima carried the team in the first half. She said that it wasn't so much that she saw a weakness in BYU's defense that allowed her to split defenders and get to the rim at will, but rather that she wanted to stay aggressive at all times. BYU coach Judkins listed that as the single toughest part of stopping her. There was just no respite from her combination of strength and quickness. In addition to scoring off the dribble, she also pulled up and drained a big three. Throw in an impressive 8 rebounds (and the fact that she single-handedly got BYU's frontcourt in trouble), and one can see just how dominant Christmas can be when she puts her mind to it.

Jasmine Thomas


Jasmine rushed her shots and took too many of them off-balance in the first half, missing all 7. She was missing runners and drives, as well as awkward jumpers. Because Jasmine is a senior, she simply redoubled her efforts in other areas, grabbing 7 first-half rebounds (and 11 for the game). She scored three times in the first five minutes of the second half, going all the way to the hoop on drives. Establishing that drive opened up her jumper as she hit a crucial three and later hit free throws and found Scheer for 2 baskets. Like all great players, Jasmine found other ways to contribute when her shot wasn't going down, and that's why she's a potential All-American.

Chloe Wells


Chloe was having an awful first half in the early going, missing her first 4 shots and weakly turning the ball over under the pressure that BYU exerted. She even missed 2 foul shots where one could see her practically shaking with nerves. Wells then took a breath and remembered what the coaches had been telling her: don't put your head down when you make a mistake. She fought back late in the first half, hitting an incredibly difficult reverse layup in traffic to put Duke ahead for good and then a runner in the lane. Chloe hit 3 of 4 foul shots in the second half, went hard after some rebounds and scored on a drive. All told, she wound up as a positive difference-maker for Duke, allowing Jasmine to hunt her shot.

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Off the Duke Bench (in order of entry)

Haley Peters


Haley was another player who struggled in the early going with her shot. She was still going hard hard after offensive rebounds, but her shots were rushed and off-balance. In the last two minutes of the half, she grabbed a board and was fouled, sinking 2 free throws. That seemed to center her a bit, as she grabbed a missed BYU free throw and went the length of the floor in the last nine seconds to hit a driving layup as time expired. Peters also took a charge in the late going of the half. She didn't play as much in the second half, but did have a pass to J.Thomas for a three. Haley needs to continue to let the game come to her a bit more and relax into her role; her intensity and effort are both givens at this point.

Tricia Liston


Tricia got in the game in the early going but really struggled. It's not so much that she missed a three and a couple of free throws, but that even her defense seemed tentative. She seemed to be really shaken by nerves and will simply need to give it another go in the next game. What she can't do is get down about this performance; she needs to watch tape, see her bad body language and adjust accordingly. Liston proved that she could do it before by bouncing back from a tough first exhibition game to a great showing against Carson-Newman; let's see what she can do in the next week.

Allison Vernerey


Alli hasn't been practicing long, but it's clear that she still brings all of the aggressiveness that she displayed last season. Her first half shift was a brief one as she turned the ball over twice. The second half saw her hit a right-handed hook and score on another post-up. Her biggest play was a body-sacrificing charge that she took that wiped out a BYU score. Coach McCallie was alarmed that Vernerey hit her head while taking the charge, but there's no question that the effort was well-appreciated. Vernerey's overall defense was superb, especially in terms of communicating well with Scheer on what the offense was doing and her quick recovery to the ball. Vernerey adeptly jumped out at shooters in the corner and then jumped back to the post without sacrificing an open look. This wasn't just a matter of quickness (though that helped), but rather a player who really understood what she needed to do on defense. She wasn't credited with a block, but Vernerey also fiercely defended the rim.

Chelsea Gray


McCallie was surprised that she played Gray as much as she did, considering that she's only started practicing this week. Chelsea was tentative in terms of attacking the basket or looking for her own shot, but she still had an effect on the game. She played fine defense, heartily attacking passing lanes and jumping after loose balls. She took a huge charge in the second half and also blocked a shot. Her one bad play was a lazy cross-court pass that got picked off. I'll be curious to see how well she plays on Monday, but it's exciting to see her start to put it together.

Richa Jackson


Richa seems a bit behind the other frosh in the rotation at the moment (in part, I think, because Christmas is so entrenched at wing), but she showed some tantalizing potential. She banked in a jumper with the shot clock running down in the first half. Late in the game, she glided along the baseline, drew in a defender and delivered a perfect pass to K.Thomas for a score. She did have a turnover in the face of BYU's press, and that sort of snap decision-making is something that will come with time. Another turnover came right after she went high for a steal and shuffled her feet when she tried to right herself.

Duke Knocks Off BYU, 69-54
Photo Gallery
Previewing USC at Duke

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