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Duke Curbs Great Danes, 83-48
Game Recap
Previewing Duke at Oklahoma State
Duke Curbs Great Danes, 83-48
By Rob Clough
December 9, 2010


Player Stats

Commentary on each player has been added.

Duke Starters

Krystal Thomas


Krystal was frustrated by Albany's zone throughout the first half, scoring only the first possession of the game right off the tip. She took an elbow to the chest that bothered her to the point that she didn't start in the second half, though she did recover and play far more aggressively. She added a stickback, a right-handed hook and two beautiful-looking free throws to her scoring column. Thomas also went inside-out to Wells for a three, something the team has been trying to do more of. The play where she was fouled involved her posting up, passing out when nothing was there and then reposting strongly, this time receiving the pass in a better spot. Duke has rarely had the patience to do post/reposts, but the frontcourt and backcourt must communicate and trust each other with regard to these passes.

Kathleen Scheer


Kathleen had a fairly efficient, high energy game, marred only by a couple of traveling calls in the first half where she shuffled her feet before she took off with the ball. She was Leener-on-the-spot in the first half when she picked up a loose ball and laid it in for a demoralizing score. She sank a 15' jumper set up by Christmas, drained a three and posted up late in the game, all while grabbing some tough rebounds and keeping her hands high on defense. Considering that she's battling a nasty cold, this was a good showing.

Karima Christmas


Rima more or less took a siesta during this game. She didn't attack the basket, instead putting up a few shots as a standstill shooter. Christmas did have assists to Scheer for a jumper and Vernerey in the post, but in general she was mostly content to let others take the lead. I expect that to change dramatically when Duke goes up against its next few foes.

Jasmine Thomas


Jasmine was pure intensity in this game, providing a role model for her teammates at a time when the team's energy was low in the first half. She and Gray traded passes-for-threes in the early going. Jasmine then pushed the tempo a bit, twice finding Selby in transition. The second time she did that came after she stole the ball. She had an open angle to the basket, but gave the ball up to Selby on the 2-on-1 break in an effort to get her teammates going. She followed that up with a steal and layup and then a three. In the second half, she had 2 quick assists for Vernerey and followed that up with a drive. Jasmine didn't need to play much after that, having jump-started her team with a jolt of energy. During the course of this game, Jasmine became the 14th Duke player to score 1300 points, and she will move into 13th place all-time in her next game. In terms of all-time numbers, she's currently #10 in assists, #7 in steals, #20 in blocks, #8 in threes, and #24 in free throws. She has a chane to really climb the ladder in many of these categories.

Chelsea Gray


Chelsea is starting to establish herself as a dominant offensive player as she attempts to strike a balance between scoring and playmaking. She had 3 assists in the first half, including a quick strike to K.Thomas after the opening tap and 1 skip pass apiece to J.Thomas and Liston for threes. Her own three point shot is rounding into form as she effortlessly sank 3 of 4 from long range thanks to Albany's zone and alert ball reversal. Her size at 5-11 gives her a tremendous advantage over most opposing point guards. Chelsea scored twice in transition (including a steal/runout) and also uncorked her trademark teardrop runner. Gray was her usual active self on defense, getting her hands on lots of loose change and cashing in to the tune of 5 steals. Chelsea did have a couple of ill-advised passes (including one pass to no one in particular out of bounds), but there were also a couple of great passes she threw that were bobbled. Her teammates are still trying to figure out how to prepare for her style of play while she's trying to understand both their limitations and how best to get them to rise to her challenge.

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Off the Duke Bench (in order of entry)

Richa Jackson


In the first half, and really, in many of her recent games, Richa has looked slightly sluggish and even bewildered. She didn't seem to know how to attack the zone at all in the first half, putting up a few weak shots and committing an offense foul. She was much more relaxed and instinctive in the second half as she drove for a three point play (but missed the free throw), got some rebounds and came up with a steal. Of all the players on the team, I think Richa will benefit the most from the long layoff from school that's coming up and the distraction-free practices that will ensue. She has a nose for the basket and is aggressive, and these traits simply have to be molded correctly to fit in with the team concept.

Shay Selby


Shay scored twice in transition but otherwise had a fairly quiet game, ceding a lot of point guard duties to Wells. She did have a little dust-up with Albany guard Felicia Johnson, as a battle for a loose ball got heated and resulted in a technical foul on Johnson after a brief shoving match.

Allison Vernerey


Allison was quite active and alert in this game, clearly relishing a chance to post and up score with far greater ease than she's encountered in recent games. She also ran the court well, finishing in transition on a pass from J.Thomas. Her pass to Liston in the post for a score was an impressive play for her, as she's sometimes struggled to quickly make the correct read in time to deliver a pass in a tight spot. She did bobble the ball a couple of times for turnovers and bricked a couple of foul shots, but in general she did quite well in place of K.Thomas when she didn't start the second half. Never afraid to give up her body, Allison took a charge to wipe out a potential basket.

Tricia Liston


Of all Duke's players, Liston had the most to prove in this game. Coach McCallie noted that she really "answered the bell" in terms of what she brought to the game. The best thing about her performance was not her scoring or shooting (though that was impressive), but rather the fact that she was active. She was constantly in motion, running through and around the zone in an effort to disrupt it. In the first half, instead of simply sitting outside waiting for someone to pass her the ball, she made the effort to post up against a smaller opponent and sank a turnaround jumper on a pass from Vernerey. Given the chance, she drained a three on a pass from Gray, then alertly found Vernerey inside for a layup as the half was winding down. Liston was quite active in the last eight minutes of the game, getting an assist on a pass to Gray, sinking 2 threes, driving in for a floater and hitting 2 free throws. She fought hard for 4 rebounds, went after loose balls and generally kept her mistakes to a minimum. Tricia still has trouble staying in front of quick opponents off the dribble, but she's better about seeking out help. McCallie spoke openly about wanting Liston to get in the best possible shape, because she sees her as a real potential contributor. Tricia will need to find the balance between trying to go inside (which will be hard against some opponents) and simply lingering on the perimeter. She wants to be active, but needs help from her teammates in order to do so. With her deadly shot, let's hope happens sooner rather than later.

Chloe Wells


Chloe is probably the hardest on herself of any of the players, with the possible exception of Haley Peters. After the game, she spoke of feeling like "dead weight" the past couple of games and wanted to prove to her teammates that she can contribute and help right now. Losing one's starting job can't be easy for a young player, but the facts are that her scoring and playmaking had fallen off in recent games against tougher opponents. Other than dishing an assist to J.Thomas for three, she was quite ordinary in the first half. When the five frosh were on the floor, Chloe was fired up and got her classmates fired up as well. She backed up that energy by scoring 6 straight points, including a floater, a baseline drive and a quick steal/layup under the basket. Scoring without simply pulling up from long range is something she has to work on, and this sequence showed her progress. Chloe followed that up with another steal and dish to Gray for a runout, a pass to Liston for three and a three of her own. She matched her career high with 9 points with just 5 shots and also piled 7 assists to just 1 turnover. Chloe still has to figure out how to do this againt quick opponents, but this game was certainly a step in the right direction.

Haley Peters


Haley broke a team rule and so received extremely limited playing time. This was unfortunate, given that she probably needed some extra minutes to help get back into playing rhythm after receiving limited minutes against Texas A&M. When she was in, she didn't seem comfortable, committing an offensive foul and turning the ball over a couple of other times. Duke needs her to get back in synch.

Duke Curbs Great Danes, 83-48
Game Recap
Previewing Duke at Oklahoma State

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