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Seniors and Shay Trump Temple, 71-64
Game Recap
2010 Year in Review
Seniors and Shay Trump Temple, 71-64
By Rob Clough
December 31, 2010


Player Stats and Commentary

Duke Starters

Krystal Thomas


This was a fairly solid game for Krystal. She did fumble the ball out of bounds more than once (although some of those turnovers were not entirely her fault), but she did a good job of being active and ready for the ball. Getting her shots was Duke's primary objective, and every time she scored against the zone represented a major victory for Duke and a breakdown for Temple. When she got the ball at chest level or higher, she did a good job catching and shooting. She hit two hook shots going one-on-one and finished three other shots on post-up seals. She was a bit shaky at the foul line (2-5), and that seemed to be an issue of focus and relaxation. She was her usual stalwart self on defense and grabbed 6 rebounds. All told, a solid game against a physical opponent, albeit one that didn't present a number of scoring threats in the post.

Kathleen Scheer


Scheer hit a jumper in the early going and then oddly sat on the bench for the rest of the first half. She wasn't in foul trouble, nor did she get beaten on defense. Peters got most of her minutes, so it may have just been an initiative to get Haley going. In the second half, Scheer came up with a steal and finished in transition. She also had a great pass to J.Thomas for a jumper that caught Temple napping a bit.

Karima Christmas


Karima was in attack mode for this game and the proved to be the key for Duke. She tortured Temple last year with her strength, shooting and quickness, and coach Tonya Cardoza was relieved to hear that she was a senior. She carried Duke offensively in the first half, forcing Temple to go into their matchup zone by scoring off the dribble and hitting 2 threes. She also had a nasty block that snuffed out a Temple transition basket. Her second half was less glamorous, but she simply went to work. She either found lanes and was fouled or grabbed offensive boards and was fouled. Rima hit 8 straight foul shots, including 4 in a row in a sequence that pushed Duke's lead from 4 to 8. She also had the game-clinching shot: a stickback of a J.Thomas miss. That said, Karima also had some truly baffling turnovers, the worst of which was a 50-foot pass over the head of a wide-open Krystal Thomas in transition. Even on a night when she was relatively dialed in, Christmas had some lapses of focus that will be addressed in practice.

Jasmine Thomas


Jasmine worked hard in this game, but this was far from her most efficient contest. Many of her 6 turnovers were unforced errors: lazy crosscourt passes, fumbled dribbles, etc. The focus just wasn't there all the way. She made up for those errors by redoubling her efforts on defense, which resulted in 5 steals and 3 blocks. A couple of those steals resulted in layup attempts that she either missed or was hit without a call. One of her turnovers was a dubious offensive foul. Jasmine sank 4 jump shots, including a stop-and-pop to start the second half that gave Duke the lead back for good. We have yet to see Jasmine go off in a game this year like she did last year; at some point, Duke will need her to do that in order to defeat an elite opponent.

Chelsea Gray


For the second straight game, Chelsea struggled against a physical opponent. In her case I think foul trouble messed with her head a bit. Coach McCallie noted that one focus in practice in the next week will be learning how to be physical without fouling. Chelsea fouled a couple of times simply because someone beat her off the dribble, and she played defense with her hands instead of her feet (the notable exception being the charge that she took). She also seemed a bit baffled on how to attack such a well-constructed and active matchup zone. Her size and quickness alone weren't doing the job and her shot lacked confidence as a result. The game perhaps came a bit easier to her than the other frosh, but she will need extended practice time as much as anyone.

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Off the Duke Bench (in order of entry)

Haley Peters


Haley hustles and moves well, but she continues to be slightly overwhelmed in physical games. As a result, she's not always strong with the ball. That said, she worked hard to get 5 rebounds and finished a layup with the foul. She also found Wells for a three. Haley will greatly benefit from practice over the next couple of weeks. Coach McCallie noted that while physical games like this may hurt her younger players' confidence in the short term, she feels like it will make them better players in the long term. After all, this is what competition at this level is all about, and there's no way to simulate it in practice. What practice will do is help the frosh understand what real game intensity is and how best to prepare for it using repetitions.

Chloe Wells


Chloe had her best game in quite some time. Given a chance at extended minutes thanks to Chelsea's struggles, she faced an immediate difficulty: she was having trouble seeing over the top of Temple's zone. She took up that challenge by using her speed to run around and through the zone, making it move just enough to whip off some passes. She found Peters on a cut for a three point play. She hit J.Thomas and Christmas on back-to-back treys. In the second half, she passed to Selby for a three and set K.Thomas up beautifully in the post. Chloe also hit a three in the first half and a desperation, banking runner in the second that started a Duke run. Wells was abused on defense a few times as she got screened off of shooters and was taken off the dribble a couple of times. Temple was also able to shoot over her a couple of times. That said, Chloe stuck to her player as best as she could and even managed to block a couple of shots when Temple drove. She also kept her mistakes to a minimum; one of her turnovers was an offensive foul that seemed to be dubious.

Allison Vernerey


Alli had an odd game. On the one hand, her defense was typically excellent, with her active feet flustering a number of shots. She was aggressive on the boards, pulling down several key offensive rebounds. However, Duke was unable to set her up for shots on the block. Moreover, when she grabbed an o-board ten feet from the basket, she didn't once try to get in closer using her dribble or try to set up a repost. Duke will need her to be more aggressive on offense against future opponents.

Tricia Liston


Temple had Tricia scouted well, sending a chaser after her every time she was brought in to bust the zone. She missed both of her shots as a result. However, she grabbed a rebound in traffic and set K.Thomas up beautifully with a perfectly-thrown pass off a shot fake.

Shay Selby


Shay played all of four minutes in the first half but immediately made herself useful by confidently sinking a three on a pass from J.Thomas. With Gray struggling throughout the game, Shay picked up more minutes in the second half and blasted Temple's zone. She hit from the corners and the wing as she pushed Duke's lead first to 9 points and then into double digits. In transition (an area where Duke struggled all night), she had a creative no-look pass to Scheer that put Duke up by 15. Shay acknowledged that it can be difficult to come in cold and shoot, but she was ready and noted that "it helps that my teammates believe in me." Her shooting was the difference between a possession-by-possession grinder and the (relatively) comfortable lead that Duke built.

Seniors and Shay Trump Temple, 71-64
Game Recap
2010 Year in Review

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