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Devils Offense Swamps Noles, 87-70
Game Recap
Previewing Duke at Virginia Tech
Devils Offense Swamps Noles, 87-70
By Rob Clough
January 14, 2011


Player Stats

Duke Starters

Krystal Thomas


Krystal worked very hard and was quite patient, and it paid off nicely when she got some timely scores in the second half. All the while, she utterly shut down Bravard, FSU's leading scorer. While Bravard scored on her once early in the game, Krystal shut her out the rest of the first half. Some of that came on some impressive one-on-one defensive plays; she twice blocked Bravard and Duke got the rebound. Krystal did flail a bit on the offensive end when she was trying to go one-on-one, forcing up a number of bad shots. That said, her second-half scores were a result of excellent passing, a trend that could get her into double digits on a regular basis if it continues.

Haley Peters


Peters' confidence continues to soar as she went up against another tough opponent in FSU's frosh sensation Natasha Howard. Peters eclipsed her in the early going, scoring in transition, on a three, from the right baseline on a jumper and later on an inbounds cut. She was Duke's second leading scorer in the half and forced FSU to double her in an effort to get her to make a bad decision. While Haley did turn the ball over a couple of times when trapped, she had a key late stickback and short jumper when Duke was putting the game away. She wound up outscoring Howard 15-14 and was an incredibly efficient 6-7 from the field.

Karima Christmas


Karima had a first-half stickback but sat on the bench with 2 quick fouls. Duke was able to absorb that blow but there's no question that it hurt Duke's defensive and rebounding efforts in the first half. In the second half, she replaced Liston in the late going as a defensive/rebounding specialist, and she hit a few free throws down the stretch. Certainly not a vintage performance, but she did still wind up with 5 points and 4 boards.

Jasmine Thomas


Jasmine demonstrated once again why she's the toughest player in the league. In the first half, she set up her teammates in the early going: a fast break pass to Peters, a dish to Peters for a three and another off a drive for a jumper. She then scored on a cut and a stickback; these were flow plays rather than her dominating the ball. Continuing that theme of flow, she drained a couple of treys to put Duke up by 5 off passes from Gray. A steal late in the half led to yet another connecting play to Selby in transition. In the second half, when things got a little tighter, she started to dominate the ball a little more. After a fast break layup and a well-executed two-on-one break with K.Thomas, she found Liston for a three and K.Thomas in the post. When FSU pulled within 3, she pulled up off a screen and rained a jumper. When FSU pulled within 6 with under eight minutes to go, she scored off the dribble. With under three minutes left, she hit another pull-up jumper to keep Duke well ahead. Down the stretch, she hit free throws and broke the press to either score easily or find a teammate. She almost had a triple double and other than a couple of careless turnovers, she was brilliant. More than anything, she looked comfortable playing with her teammates, content to pick her spots while making others look better.

Chelsea Gray


Chelsea had an early steal & layup but sat out much of the first half with foul trouble. In the early going, she was concentrating on setting up others, as she had assists to J.Thomas for a pair of treys and an inbounds pass to Peters. In the second half, she showed off a variety of offensive skills. She split the defense twice with drives to the basket, she buried a three when FSU had pulled within 3, she hit 2 foul shots and found Liston for a three. Best of all, she uncorked a teardrop runner in the lane as part of Duke's 10-0 run that finished off the 'noles. While her foul trouble made her a little less tenacious on defense, she really did need to do a better job at shadowing Courtney Ward, who was a one-woman wrecking crew against Duke's guards.

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Off the Duke Bench (in order of entry)

Allison Vernerey


Allison hit 2 baskets in this game, which is one more than she had hit during her 1-20 slump. The shots she finished were tough ones, including a 5' jumper near the basket. Allison played her usual tough defense, doing a nice job on Bravard when Duke was resting Krystal.

Chloe Wells


Chloe had a few quality minutes backing up Gray. She hit a huge three to put Duke up by 5 in the first half and also came up with a steal. That was the first three she had hit in a while, which was a good sign for her confidence.

Tricia Liston


I noted in my preview that I thought Duke's depth would give them the win, and no bench player was better than Tricia Liston. This was a performance where she minimized her weaknesses and maximized her strengths. It's become clear that the offense runs better when she's on the floor, and that immediately became evident when Tricia saw a gap in FSU's zone and found K.Thomas for a score. That was an important basket because it was KT's first score, and getting her going offensively was a big play for Duke. Liston followed that up with a spin move in transition, a pull-up three and a three point play. In the second half, she sank a three after FSU scored 5 straight points, and then hit another three. During Duke's late 10-0 run that effectively finished FSU off, she had a great pass to Vernerey for a short shot. Other than missing some foul shots and bobbling the ball a couple of times, Liston was tremendous. Her ability to block out and get rebounds was also a welcome sight off the bench; she was third on the team behind the Thomases.

Kathleen Scheer


With Peters playing so well, minutes were limited for Leener. She missed a short shot, found Vernerey inside for a score and blocked a shot. Not a high-productivity game, but she proved she was ready to make a play or two when called upon.

Shay Selby


Shay came in when Gray went out with foul trouble. She finished a fast break on a pass from J.Thomas and also took a charge. While she didn't have a huge impact on this game, she played with energy and forced FSU to react to her.

Richa Jackson


Richa is now recovered from her shoulder injury and is slowly being brought into the rotation. She missed a shot late in the first half but also grabbed a board. Hopefully, she will have the opportunity to get minutes soon.

Devils Offense Swamps Noles, 87-70
Game Recap
Previewing Duke at Virginia Tech

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