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Duke Whips Georgia Tech, 69-32
Game Recap
Previewing Duke at NC State
Duke Whips Georgia Tech, 69-32
By Rob Clough
January 21, 2011


Player Stats and Commentary

Duke Starters

Krystal Thomas


Krystal earned a double-double, and I do mean "earned". She finished in transition and scored on 2 other post-passes, but it was her trips to the foul line that helped Duke seal the win the most. That was especially true because she was drawing fouls on whomever was near her, thanks to her size and strength. She still needs to finish a bit better with contact, but she's getting there and was a reasonable 5-8 from the foul line. She swallowed up Goodlett and any other players who dared go up against her in the post at the defensive end (Goodlett scored mostly on jumpers) and dominated the boards in the first half during a crucial segment of the game when Duke needed every rebound to stay competitive. It would have been nice if she could have hit a couple of jump shots that she attempted, because Tech was openly baiting her into taking them. Still, she's doing a much better job of demanding the ball and getting into good scoring position. Krystal's a player who still has a lot of room to improve on offense, and hopefully the practices after the Clemson game next Wednesday will aid in that regard.

Haley Peters


After a tough first half where she went 0-4 and grabbed just 2 rebounds, Haley went 3-6 in the second half. She hit a short jumper, finished a high-low play from Vernerey, and finished inside on a pass from K.Thomas. It was good to see her adjust to playing against one of the most physical teams in America and start to contribute. The more she can gain experience against these sorts of teams, the better it will be for both her and Duke.

Karima Christmas


Karima was very physical in this game, and while her stats are modest (8 points, 4 assists), she was quite disruptive of everything Tech was trying to do. Her scores came from the foul line, from 15' away and on a twisting layup. She took a charge from Montgomery (which turned out to be crucial) and generally kept up a solid amount of aggressiveness. Her 4 turnovers were a bit ugly and included an offensive foul. All told, she was like Jasmine in this game: her presence was felt, but in a more limited fashion.

Jasmine Thomas


Everyone took a deep breath when Jasmine went down with an injury and then exhaled when it turned out to be a mild ankle sprain. Tech shut her down in the first half, as she was 0-3 and committed an offensive foul. Her only points came from the foul line. In the second half, she hit a short jumper that pushed Duke's lead to the magical 20-point mark and later stuck a jumper & scored on a drive. Coach McCallie was proud of the way the team stepped up when she went down, knowing that they might have to learn how to play well in the absence of their leader. Fortunately, that didn't come to pass, but it was good to see the team react with the intensity and maturity that they did in this situation.

Chelsea Gray


Chelsea coughed up the ball 3 times in the early going but quickly figured out how to deal with GT's traps and presses. She found Vernerey and Liston for early baskets, and then scored 5 points of her own late in the first half. Most impressive of all was the fact that she had 7 first half rebounds, blocking out nicely and using her size to get to the ball. In the second half, she found Thomas inside and in transition, and also hit a twisting Christmas for a score inside. Chelsea never was able to get her shot going, but it didn't matter much as she filled up the stat sheet in other areas, taking one of Duke's three charges.

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Off the Duke Bench (in order of entry)

Tricia Liston


Tricia was a spark for Duke once again. She scored 5 straight points to push Duke's lead to 12-8 in the first half, thanks to a spinning stickback and a quick catch-and-shoot trey. She had another stickback in the second half along with a couple of foul shots. She moved the ball around nicely, hitting J.Thomas for a jumper and dropping a pass off inside for K.Thomas (she was fouled). Her size gave Tech's small starting lineup all sorts of problems, and she was able to see over defenders easily while hanging on to the ball.

Allison Vernerey


Alli had mixed results in this game. She had a crucial early basket that cut Duke's deficit to 6-5, but missed 4 other shots. Like many of Duke's players, it looked like she was rushing shots at times. Her free throw form was especially rushed, as she was practically flinging the ball at the basket. She was also a bit loose with the ball, though her 3 turnovers were mostly errors of commission. There was nothing wrong with her defense, however. Whereas Krystal Thomas is a physical, imposing defender who rarely leaves a few designated points on the floor, Vernerey is a long, disruptive defender who covers a lot of ground on the floor. She disrupts passing lanes, stops penetrating guards (she took a charge in this game), deflects passes and blocks shots. She digs in for rebounds and did a nice job avoiding the double team with a sharp forward bounce pass to an outlet player. Vernerey will be called upon to score against a small NC State team, so hopefully she will continue to stay aggressive.

Kathleen Scheer


Leener nailed a three and came up with a couple of steals in limited minutes. While she didn't come up with any rebounds, she did scrap and claw with the best of them. She and Selby are not on the bench more as a form of punishment, but rather because neither has been as consistently aggressive and productive as they need to be. It's the players who can put up stats like rebounds, hustle plays, etc who will play the most, but that's all still there if the bench players continue to contribute like the way they did against Georgia Tech.

Chloe Wells


Chloe was outstanding in this game. She had trouble finishing some of her shots (many of which were wide open) and had a couple of turnovers, but the threes she hit were momentum-turners. She also dug in for a couple of rebounds and disrupted Tech's offense to the tune of 6 steals. Wells may have been beaten a few times, but she was intense in tracking down loose balls, digging down deep for them. Chloe finished her scoring with a fast break basket after a steal by Liston.

Shay Selby


Shay had a big impact given limited minutes. She came up with 4 offensive rebounds, diving to dig down for some of those boards. She came up with a steal and drained a leaning 15' jumper. Selby drained 4 free throws and found Scheer for a trey. She was cool & collected while still being active. The more she produces, the more she will play, especially if she can continue to come up with big defensive plays and rebound successfully.

Richa Jackson


Richa got to play for eight minutes and demonstrated both her aggressiveness and her rustiness. She hit a stickback but missed a couple of other good looks at the basket. Her quick hands also came up with 2 steals. One can see that she's talented but way behind everyone else in terms of conditioning and timing. Hopefully, Duke will be able to use her more regularly.

Duke Whips Georgia Tech, 69-32
Game Recap
Previewing Duke at NC State

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