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Duke Crushes Clemson, 92-37
Game Recap
Devils In Detail - January 2011
Duke Crushes Clemson, 92-37
By Rob Clough
January 26, 2011


Player Stats

Duke Starters

Krystal Thomas


Another excellent effort by Krystal, who is really starting to put it all together. She's making quicker decisions once she gets the ball, either to go up right away or else pass it out. She got an assist to Jasmine by swinging the ball over when Clemson came to double-team her. Her teammates are figuring out the best places to get her the ball, and they're doing a better job at not aiming it above her or at her feet. Even when she couldn't finish, she scored by sinking 5 of 6 from the foul line. She anchored Duke's rebounding effort by getting 11 boards, and she forced a bad miss by partially blocking a shot. She held Clemson center Shaniqua Pauldo to no points on 0-4 shooting. Krystal will be perhaps the key player when Duke battles UConn on Monday.

Kathleen Scheer


After her herculean defensive effort against NC State, Leener moved back into the starting lineup, in place of Peters. She hit a three to end the half and also hit a bank shot. She otherwise was concentrating on defense and all-out hustle. She blocked a shot and recovered it (a burgeoning skill of hers), forced a held ball and chased down a turnover. She also was solid on the boards. This wasn't a game where she lost her starting job, nor was it one where she solidified it, either. I expect her to start against UConn because it will be important to have veterans start in that particular crucible.

Karima Christmas


Rima seems to be trying to shoot her way out of her long scoring slump, but it hasn't quite worked yet. She bricked all of her threes, but did score on a stickback and a long jumper that was almost at the three point line. She did her usual bang-up job on the boards, attacking at both ends. A decent showing, but not close to what she's capable of.

Jasmine Thomas


Jasmine's intensity level was at about a six (out of ten) in this game, as opposed to the periods where she turns it up all the way to ten (or like the Xavier game, where it went up to eleven on the game's final play). She was aggressive to start the game, scoring on a drive, hitting a three, finding Gray in transition and getting assists to Christmas, K.Thomas and Selby. It was important for Jasmine to have the ball in her hands even if she wasn't shooting, because opponents had to know that she was here to dominate. Later, she hit a couple of foul shots, sank a baseline runner, and hit another three. Other than a steal and layup, she was mostly quiet in the second half, letting others do the heavy lifting. The main negative from her performance was an occasional casualness in handling the ball; it slipped out a couple of times when she wasn't paying attention and she threw a couple of bad passes that got picked off.

Chelsea Gray


One could sense that seeing the floor free of obstructions was making Chelsea's mouth water in anticipation. Indeed, she blew a couple of easy layups in the second half because she was just a little too excited. The same was true of some particularly high-difficulty passes she tried to thread into the post. None of that mattered much because her performance was so impressive otherwise. She wisely found Krystal from the wing very early in the game. She later finished a fast break triggered by a steal. Later in the first half, found Peters for a short jumper (helping jump-start her teammate's confidence), hit a three on a pass from Liston (after the two had traded the ball back and forth, looking for the best shot), scored on a drive and hit a beautiful pull-up three. She found K.Thomas for another shot around the basket in the second half and also set up Wells for a three. Just another typically solid game for Chelsea Gray.

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Off the Duke Bench (in order of entry)

Shay Selby


Shay did her damage in a first half that saw her sink a trio of treys, including a step-back three that was especially impressive. She did a nice job of distributing the ball as well, getting a great shot for Vernerey and setting up Scheer for the three that ended the first half. She was active on defense, forcing a turnover by getting a held ball. Selby did get a little careless with some of her passes, but she was trying to be as aggressive as possible.

Allison Vernerey


Alli hit a bank shot in this game but otherwise didn't look to do much on offense. On defense, she scrapped after loose balls like her life depended on it and was aggressive in moving her feet. She will be needed against UConn to provide a scoring punch inside, because the Huskies' defense will key in on Duke's perimeter.

Haley Peters


Haley looked a little down after losing her starting job to Scheer. She was clearly thinking too hard instead of reacting to plays at times. That said, she didn't slip into a funk for long, as she hit a short jumper in the first half and drained a three late in the game. More importantly, she blocked a shot to save a sure score and was active on the boards. As long as she keeps up her hustle, she'll continue to get minutes.

Tricia Liston


Clemson inexplicably kept leaving Tricia open, and she kept firing away. She uncharacteristically missed several open threes, but she did hit her last trey attempt of the game to break a mini-slump. She certainly found a number of ways to score, including a couple of potential three point plays (she missed one foul shot and had another one erased because a teammate stepped into the lane). One of those "and-ones" came from a stickback, showing that she's not just a shooter. She was also alert in the way she scrapped hard for loose balls, forcing a tie-up and coming up with a steal on another play.

Chloe Wells


Chloe had a career high with 11 points, and it had to be a relief to see the ball go in the hoop a few times. Smartly, she only took 1 three. She looked for her points in other ways: a drive, an alert stickback, and a couple of mid-range jumpers. That's a shot that she should embrace, because many teams will leave her in that mid-range no-man's-land. Chloe was her typically active self on defense, amassing 5 steals by attacking the dribble, going after jump balls and patrolling passing lanes. She also dished 3 assists, including passes to Peters and Liston for three. This was a solid, efficient performance where Chloe looked as comfortable as I've ever seen her on the floor.

Richa Jackson


This was RJ's best game of her brief career. It's clear that she's healthy now and trusts her body. She looked relaxed but not casual on the floor, relying on instincts to make plays while keeping her head about her. Her baskets came on a feed from Jasmine and a steal/layup/+1 play. This was the first time that I've seen her use her strength to her advantage, fending off opponents while muscling her way to the ball. She forced a couple of jump balls and also did a decent job scrapping after loose balls. Jackson got to play 14 minutes, which gave her a chance to show what she can do and build chemistry with her teammates. I'm not sure how much she'll be able to really contribute this season, but I hope she will continue to stay in the rotation.

Duke Crushes Clemson, 92-37
Game Recap
Devils In Detail - January 2011

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