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Devils Pound Wake Forest, 82-39
Game Recap
Previewing Boston College at Duke
Devils Pound Wake Forest, 82-39
By Rob Clough
February 12, 2011


Player Stats and Commentary

Duke Starters

Krystal Thomas


Krystal was one of the leaders of the Duke effort that tallied 44 points in the paint, a point that Mike Petersen was lamenting. Beating Duke means turning them into a jump-shooting team; in this game, Wake couldn't keep Duke out of the paint no matter what they did. Krystal scored on an early post-up but otherwise started slowly, turning the ball over on an ill-advised drive and losing a couple of passes aimed a bit low. Late in the half, she started taking over, getting a stickback, draining 2 free throws, finding Scheer for a shot and scoring on a couple of post-ups. That late charge gave her 10 first half points to lead the Devils, along with 6 boards. She wound up with a double-double as she mostly rested in the second half, other than pulling up for a short jumper that splashed down. She dominated Wake center Sandra Garcia, holding her to 6 points and 5 rebounds. This was a strong bounce-back game, but she'll have a far greater task when she goes up against the league's best center in Boston College's Carolyn Swords.

Allison Vernerey


Alli did a fine job of taking advantage of the opportunities the defense was giving her and exploiting those opportunities aggressively. She scored on a couple of early post-ups and found Christmas on a give-and-go. She piled up 5 rebounds in the first half alone, preventing Wake from getting many second looks at the basket. She did have a few passes bounce off her hands for turnovers, but she mostly did a good job of catching and finishing. That was clear in the second half, when she twice finished "and ones", even knocking down the free throws. Interestingly, she had a much higher success rate with a weird line drive push shot on her free throws than anything resembling typical foul shot form. Her ability to draw fouls helped force out Wake forward Mykala Walker (who fouled out in only thirteen minutes).

Karima Christmas


I think Rima got the "be aggressive" message loud and clear, as she was in attack mode from the very beginning of the game. She scored in transition and off a cut in the early going, and then knocked down 3 foul shots. She was also aggressive on defense, blocking 2 shots. Foul trouble limited her minutes once again, which has been a problem that's plagued her this season.

Chelsea Gray


This was a solid game for Chelsea as she dominated Wake in the first twelve minutes of the game. She delivered a pass into Vernerey for Duke's first score and then came up with a steal that led to a fast break basket for Christmas. She later scored on a give-and-go and found Jasmine on a cut. She concluded her first-half stint by scoring on a drive and finding Vernerey for another score. In the second half, she scored on a post-up and nailed a three. She did get a little down on herself when a couple of high-risk passes didn't pay off, but she got past that.

Jasmine Thomas


Jasmine waited patiently as a decoy for Duke's offense during most of the first half, drawing an extra defender at all times. Wake did a terrible job of rotating defenders over, and Duke did a great job of taking advantage of this. She did score on an early cut, though. Later in the half, when Wake abandoned this plan, Jasmine hit a 10' jumper and a back-breaking three. In the second half, she found Vernerey for a three point play and scored on a variety of jump shots as well as 2 free throws. She hustled for rebounds and steals, blocked a shot and took a big charge in the first half.

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Off the Duke Bench (in order of entry)

Shay Selby


Shay was the only Duke player who didn't take a single shot. Instead, she was a facilitator, finding Chelsea Gray on a cut and Vernerey in the post. She embodied coach McCallie's attack mentality, trying to push the tempo and get quick scores. She did turn the ball over a couple of times, but those were pretty much errors of commission as she made high-risk, high-reward passes.

Chloe Wells


Chloe had a solid game, finding Jasmine for a jumper in the first half and hitting back-to-back treys in the second half. She hustled on defense, snapping up 3 steals. Most importantly, she provided a lot of energy for her team.

Haley Peters


Haley had a solid second half, hitting a jumper as the shot clock was running down and another late jumper. Like some of her other teammates, she's lost a bit of confidence and is making mistakes that reflect that, like her turnovers. She simply needs to keep working and keep hustling for rebounds.

Tricia Liston


Tricia struggled again from the field. One can tell that she's really struggling on offense because of her turnovers, a sure sign of a player who isn't exuding confidence. She simply needs to see the ball go in the basket a few times to get going again. Liston did get a couple of rebounds, indicating that the effort is still there.

Kathleen Scheer


I thought Leener was the key player of the game for Duke. Even though she was the tenth player in the game to enter for Duke, it was her energy that helped push an 8 point lead into a commanding 17 point bulge at the half. She pushed Duke's lead up to 10 with a stickback. She hit 15' jumper on a feed from K.Thomas. She delivered an incredible touch pass to K.Thomas for a score. Most importantly, she found Jasmine Thomas for a three at the end of the first half that gave Duke its biggest lead and deflated the Deacs. In the second half, she found Peters for a jumper and nailed a line-drive three. About the only way she struggled was her second-half foul trouble, but it didn't matter much at that point. This was the kind of connecting performance that Duke needed, especially from its bench.

Richa Jackson


RJ's performance was that of a talented frosh trying to find her way; that is, one that was between her spectacular showing against Miami and her struggles against UNC. In the second half, she scored on 2 aggressive drives and hit a 15' jumper. She also blew an easy layup and then blew an even easier stickback, as well as clanging a transition layup at the end of the first half. She played aggressive defense, picking up a couple of steals. I love her aggressive scorer's mentality, and I liked that she had the confidence to keep at it after struggling earlier in the week.

Devils Pound Wake Forest, 82-39
Game Recap
Previewing Boston College at Duke

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