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Duke Posts Dominate BC, 66-53
Game Recap
Previewing Duke at Maryland
Duke Posts Dominate BC, 66-53
By Rob Clough
February 13, 2011


Player Stats and Commentary

Duke Starters

Krystal Thomas


Krystal was challenged by her coaches to step up against Boston College center Carolyn Swords; she described her own performance in the 2010 loss as a "complete no-show" (an accurate assessment, with 0 points and 2 rebounds in 18 minutes). In fact, she had scored just 4 points in three prior meetings with Swords and the Eagles. That's why her performance here was so encouraging: she scored 8 points in each half, missed only 4 shots, converted twice at the foul line and hit hooks, post-ups and even a long jump shot. Defensively, she stopped BC's favorite play (a high-post lob into Swords) repeatedly by leaping and tipping away the pass (she came up with 4 steals). When Swords challenged her directly, she managed to block one of her shots. Krystal also sent away a couple of other shots by BC players who were trying to attack the basket. Indeed, it was not unusual to see her standing under the basket 90' away from the action when Duke was pressing the Eagles, just as a last line of defense. She outworked BC for rebounds -- she had almost as many boards (10) as Swords and Stefanie Murphy combined (12). Other than a silly play where she came up with a steal and decided to try to bring the ball up the floor (ending in a turnover), she made good decisions with the ball. Granted, BC rarely double-teams opposing post players, but Krystal had a strong performance against a player who was bigger than she was whom she had never played well against. After her passive performance in Chapel Hill, it was good to see her motivated and even a bit chippy here. Given that Duke will have to go up against Maryland's huge frontcourt next, she would be well-advised to find something else to get angry about.

Allison Vernerey


Alli scored 3 quick points and then missed a couple of close-in shots, though she did hit Gray for an early three. The second half saw a different player, as she scored right away in transition, nailed a hook and then hit a basket with the shot clock running down that gave Duke the lead for good. Duke kept going to her in their big run, with Scheer and Selby finding her for great scores inside. Down the stretch, when BC was trying to make a comeback, she had a stickback and finish from Gray. She nailed six of seven shots in the second half against 6-6 Carolyn Swords and 6-4 Stefanie Murphy. She got great position against them and her teammates trusted her to score when she got the ball, and score quickly. Vernerey also had a couple of key blocks as she played Murphy and Swords tough. She did have a few turnovers, including dropping a pass, but for a high ball-usage game that's to be expected.

Karima Christmas


Rima delivered what coach McCallie referred to as a quiet double-double. She wasn't spectacular (other than going high for a lob pass), she just aggressively did the job. Her aggression was the key to her success. Even though her jumper continued to clank (other than a pull-up from mid-range, a shot she should take more often) and some of her layups rimmed out, she kept attacking the basket. She scored on a couple of stickbacks (a tribute to her 6 offensive rebounds), a drive, on a cut, and at the foul line. She did a fine job of muscling out BC wing Kristin Doherty (1-9 from the floor). This is what Duke will need from Christmas in every game of significance.

Jasmine Thomas


Jasmine struggled with her shot and took just enough of them to figure that out. After scoring on a drive and in transition in the first half, her offense totally dried up -- including missing the front end of 2 separate one-and-ones. On the other hand, her defense and effort was unwavering, as she had 6 boards (4 in the second half), blocked a key shot by Jaclyn Thoman and kept her mistakes to a minimum. The team did well to pick up her scoring slack, as Jasmine didn't have to shoot her way out of it just in an effort to keep her team close.

Chelsea Gray


Chelsea was brilliant in this game, and I especially liked the way she is continuing to figure out what's a good pass and what's a bad pass. In particular, her ability to calculate risk/reward ratios on the run is starting to improve, as she understands that a pass that Vernerey might be able to catch is not necessarily one that K.Thomas can hang on to. She's being given a lot more freedom to improvise in the framework of trying to attack the post, and that showed in the way she used unusual passing angles to attack BC's zone. She was in attack mode from the very beginning of the game as she found Vernerey in the post and J.Thomas in transition after a steal. She drained a couple of early threes, which helped loosen up the defense a bit. In the second half, she had 2 assists inside for Vernerey and found Christmas inside on a cut. Later in the game, she flew into BC's defense and converted a three point play. Chelsea closed the game out with a short turnaround jumper in the post that pushed Duke's lead to 11 with a minute left. Other than a couple of silly back-to-back turnovers late in the game and some missed defensive assignments on Thoman, Chelsea was dominant.

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Off the Duke Bench (in order of entry)

Kathleen Scheer


Leener was one of the best players in the game without scoring a single point. The same was true against Wake Forest as well, though it would certainly help Duke if she could hit some threes. Scheer is providing a presence as a connecting player as well as one who makes high pressure & hustle plays. In the first half, she came up with a key block and found K.Thomas inside for a score. In the second half, she found Vernerey with a perfect pass to put Duke ahead for good. She later hit Selby in transition and bumped a touch pass to K.Thomas for a score during Duke's big run. Generally speaking, Scheer's timing on these plays was what made them important: when Duke absolutely needed a basket, an offensive rebound or a defensive stop, she seemed to be there to either do it herself or set up a teammate. On a team where much of the offense is one-on-one, she's become a player who makes her teammates look better.

Shay Selby


Coach McCallie noted that Shay brought "attitude" in this game, which I took to mean a certain offensive aggressiveness and flash. She helped key Duke's big run in the second half, scoring on a short jumper, finding Vernerey in the post and finishing with a left reverse in transition. She also came up with a couple of key steals in the second half and put a lot of pressure on BC at both ends of the floor. Shay has been up and down all year, so getting consistent production from her off the bench would obviously be huge for Duke. We'll see if it carries over to the Maryland game.

Chloe Wells


Chloe got a few minutes in point guard relief in both halves and had two wide-open shots; unfortunately, neither of them dropped. She needs to continue to scrap on defense to get more minutes.

Haley Peters


Haley, like Tricia, is struggling a bit with her confidence. She missed a good-looking baseline jumper in the first half and made things a bit more difficult for herself with 2 fouls. She didn't get off the bench in the second half. Haley needs to concentrate on hustle plays and rebounds in order to get back on the floor.

Tricia Liston


Tricia continued her recent struggles by missing an open three and also committed a turnover. She needs to keep shooting when she gets the ball while trying to scrap for rebounds and steals. I'm convinced that she and Haley can and will play a significant role down the stretch for Duke, but only if they bust through the "freshman wall" and find a new level of energy.

Richa Jackson

TOTDid Not Play - Coaches Decision

Richa didn't play, but I wanted to note that the ankle injury she suffered on the last play of the Wake Forest game was not serious. She did practice Saturday and was available to play.

Duke Posts Dominate BC, 66-53
Game Recap
Previewing Duke at Maryland

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