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ACC Champs! #1 Duke Blows Away #6 UNC, 81-66
Game Recap
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2011 ACC Tourney Celebration Photos

ACC Champs! #1 Duke Blows Away #6 UNC, 81-66
By Rob Clough
March 6, 2011


Player Stats and Analysis

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Duke Starters

Krystal Thomas


For most of the game, Krystal was pretty quiet on offense. She had assists to Christmas for a three and Vernerey on a high-low, but she only took 3 shots and made just 1 on a nice pass from Selby. However, when the Heels took their last lead at 54-53, Krystal hit back-to-back shots inside and found Peters for a three and on a cut. She also piled up 8 rebounds (though several of those came on one possession) and played as hard as she could against Shegog & Breland. While she didn't get any blocks, she did force a couple of travels with great position defense.

Allison Vernerey


Alli gave it everything she had despite feeling ill and was one of the players who carried the team in the first half. She scored on a runner to start the game, finished a high-low, ran the floor to score in transition and finished a tough shot on a pass from Christmas. She also scored early in the second half. Throughout the game, she played the best defense on Breland, using her mobility to match her step-for-step and using her length to bother a couple of her shots. Alli also blocked a couple of shots to go along with that steady defense, including a nasty stuff on Breland.

Karima Christmas


Rima took a nasty spill early in the game and bruised her elbow, but she kept fighting and scrapping. She hit an early three and then went top shelf for a rebound and stickback. She hit 2 free throws when she was fouled after blocking out and finished the half with an assist to Vernerey on a nice wing entry. In the second half, she pulled up in the lane to hit a short jumper, finished in transition and scored on a cut. Rima also took a charge and grabbed a game-high 9 rebounds. This was exactly the kind of performance that Duke needed from her to take pressure away from Jasmine. She scored in a variety of ways, attacked the basket and boards and stayed out of foul trouble. She even took a charge in this game.

Jasmine Thomas


Jaz turned it up a notch Sunday as she dropped in jumper after jumper and helped put the clamps on UNC's guards. She started the game with an assist to Selby for three; Jasmine seems to have an eye for her when she's open. She then hit 2 free throws, hit a 17' jumper and then sank a three. She followed that up with a 15' jumper and a three on a broken play late in the first half, tallying 12 in all. Jaz also picked up a steal and took a charge in the half. She opened the second half with another long jumper and later drove and hit a ridiculous, twisting leaner to break a 51-all tie. During Duke's back-breaking run, she had an assist to Christmas in transition, hit 2 foul shots and hit the three that was part of the five-point play. She was deservedly the tournament MVP for the second straight year, adding that trophy to her list of accolades.

Shay Selby


Shay didn't play a ton of minutes in this game and had some problems with turnovers. That said, she also had an assist to Krystal Thomas and hit an open early three. I liked starting her to keep her involved and to bring an additional veteran presence to Duke's lineup.

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Off the Duke Bench (in order of entry)

Chelsea Gray


Chelsea didn't have a high-impact first half, hitting just 2 free throws and dishing once to Vernerey in transition after she grabbed a rebound. The second half was another matter, as she quickly found Vernerey inside (as always, Chelsea is better at finding the post players than any Duke player) and drained an 18' jumper on a feed from Alli. She hit a couple of more free throws and hit Peters for a jumper in the middle of the half, keeping Duke just a bit ahead in the middle portion of the half. Chelsea was 6-6 from the line, offsetting a pure shooting game from the floor, grabbed 5 rebounds, dished 5 assists and took a charge. This was a quality game but not a brilliant one from a player just rounding into shape, and she certainly deserved second-team All-Tournament status.

Haley Peters


Haley had 9 of her 14 points in the game's last nine minutes after scoring 3 points in the first half. She looked supremely confident shooting the jumper, nailing a 17' shot to make it 49-45. During Duke's big run at the end, she had an assist to K.Thomas, hit a huge three, scored on a cut and then hit 2 foul shots after she was fouled when Jasmine was shooting. The one-two punch of Allison and Haley gave Duke some very different looks on the floor and both players gave the Heels problems. Haley finished the game with an assist to Christmas and a stickback.

Tricia Liston


Tricia got a little run in the first half as she boxed out nicely to grab a rebound, missed a three and traveled in transition. Her defense did force Tierra Ruffin-Pratt to travel on one possession. I suspect she'll get more run as her finger heals, especially when Duke needs shooting in the NCAA tournament.

Chloe Wells


Chloe was a little wobbly when she first entered the game, committing a foul and having trouble running the offense on another possession. She kept at it and made a couple of huge plays during the game-ending run. She boldly penetrated and delivered a perfect pass to K.Thomas for a score, and then she drove and sank a jumper as Duke pushed its lead from 55-54 to 59-54. Late in the game, she had an assist to Jackson. Chloe also came up with a couple of steals, one of which led to her basket. Her ability to step up to the moment made Duke's depth all the more effective.

Richa Jackson


Richa came in cold off the bench midway through the second half and nonchalantly drained a mid-range jumper to tie the game at 51. She's a scorer, pure and simple. She blocked out to grab a tough rebound and then hit another shot late in the game. She was yet another big, physical body who was fresh who could put pressure on the Heels on the offensive end.

Kathleen Scheer


Leener was in for just a minute as a fresh body to throw at UNC's weary frontline.

ACC Champs! #1 Duke Blows Away #6 UNC, 81-66
Game Recap
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