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#2 Duke Doubles #15 UT-Martin, 90-45 (Photos)
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NCAA Preview: #2 Duke vs. #10 Marist

#2 Duke Doubles #15 UT-Martin, 90-45
By Rob Clough
March 19, 2011


Player Stats and Commentary

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Duke Starters

Krystal Thomas


Krystal's looking a lot more mobile and agile of late as she used some nice up-and-under moves to score in the paint. That included a spectacular move on an offensive rebound in the second half. More importantly, she was smooth taking her hook shot when she got a good feed. Certainly, she was going up against a smaller opponent, but she was quite efficient in the way that she scored. Speaking of efficiency, she moved the ball around against double-teams beautifully as she found Christmas and Jackson cutting for scores. She also hit Christmas in transition after she came up with a steal and found Peters to complete a high-low play. She wasn't pleased that she wound up with just 4 rebounds, especially against a smaller opponent, nor was she happy that she didn't manage to get to the line.

Allison Vernerey


Alli scored at will thanks to her size and quickness, though she did miss a couple of easy shots. Duke went to her early in the game and she scored on a post-up and a hook, then scored later in the half on another post up. She finished a lob from Christmas early in the second half and played sparingly after that. She will be called upon often against Marist, as they will likely concentrate on stopping K.Thomas first.

Karima Christmas


Duke missed Karima's energy in the first half after she picked up her second foul, but she wasn't doing much even when she was in the game. On the other hand, she was a one-woman wrecking crew in the second half. She threw a lob into Vernerey to start the half, then later scored on a drive, in transition and on a three point play to push Duke's lead up to 57-35. More importantly, she attacked the boards and scattered UTM's players like tenpins while doing so. Karima has a chance to be the true deciding factor when Duke plays Marist, because that team doesn't have anyone to match up with her.

Jasmine Thomas


Jasmine looked pretty sharp-- much sharper than many of her teammates. She started the game draining a three but also carved up the defense with assists to Selby and Vernerey. She followed that up with assists to K.Thomas and Peters before she dropped in a 15' jumper, a three and a 19' jumper to lead her team at the half. In the second half, she scored on a foul shot and a runner to push Duke way ahead and hit some more jumpers later in the half. This was a typical day at the office for the All-American, but she recognized that Duke will need to play much better soon.

Shay Selby


Shay was brilliant in the early going, getting assists on Duke's first three baskets (J.Thomas, Vernerey and K.Thomas). She also sank a three and scored in transition. She barely played the rest of the way, for reasons that seem unclear. She certainly has done a nice job getting Duke off on the right foot since she became a starter again in the ACC tournament.

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Off the Duke Bench (in order of entry)

Haley Peters


Haley had another solid game in a series of fine postseason performances. In the first half, she finished a high-low, drained a 19' jumper and then pulled up for a short jumper. In the second half, she hit a short jumper after grabbing an offensive rebound and also had a three point play on an inbounds play. Her scoring has been a big plus for Duke of late, taking pressure off the veterans while boosting her own confidence.

Chelsea Gray


Other than a pass to J.Thomas for a three and an open-floor steal in the first half, Gray's play was mostly forgettable. In the last eight minutes of the game, she woke up and scored all 11 of her points. She sank a tough fade-away jumper, drove and scored thanks to a hanging scoop shot, had a steal & runout, scored in transition off a steal by Wells and then dropped in a three. Her explosiveness can be scary sometimes. Duke will need her creativity and improvisational skills to crack a shifty Marist defense on Monday night.

Chloe Wells


Chloe continued her strong postseason play with solid decision-making and shot-making. She scored on a drive to put Duke up 7 early in the game. A steal led to a Peters jump shot. She also took a first-half charge. In the second half, she eschewed taking a three, took a hard dribble to shed her defender, and then drained a 17' jumper. Later, she found Gray in transition after coming up with another steal; Chloe also had an impressive block in transition pictured here. Most importantly, Chloe made quick but wise decisions with the ball and avoided the overdribbling that's sometimes made her an offensive liability.

Tricia Liston


Tricia got extended minutes for the first time since the end of the regular season and had mixed results. She committed a team-high 3 turnovers and only managed a single rebound. On the other hand, she was playing power forward in the all-frosh lineup and adjusted pretty well to it. She scored on a cut and also splashed in a couple of threes and started to look much more comfortable on the floor in general.

Richa Jackson


Richa was her usual aggressive self and was the one Duke player who was actively looking to go to the foul line. She scored on a layup on a great pass from K.Thomas, while the rest of her 5 points came at the foul line. She was aggressive on the boards (tying with Christmas for the team lead at 7), went after loose balls and had passes to Liston inside and Gray for three. RJ was beaten off the dribble a couple of times on defense, a function of simply not getting low and staying in front of her defender while relying too much on her own quickness.

Kathleen Scheer


Leener got her first extended action in quite some time, and coach McCallie singled out her chemistry with Peters, praising the sharpness of their cuts. While she missed all of her threes, she was one of the few Duke players who was able to hit a shot during their lethargic play late in the first half. She hit 2 big free throws (in a one-and-one situation), found Vernerey in the post and then hit a turnaround jumper to push Duke's lead up to 12. In the second half, she grabbed 3 boards and found J.Thomas for a three.

#2 Duke Doubles #15 UT-Martin, 90-45 (Photos)
Photo Gallery
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