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#2 Duke Holds Off #3 DePaul, 70-63
Game Recap
NCAA Preview: Duke vs. Connecticut

#2 Duke Holds Off #3 DePaul, 70-63
By Rob Clough
March 27, 2011


Player Stats

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Duke Starters

Krystal Thomas


Other than playing decent defense against Chester, Krystal floundered in this game. She wasn't aggressive on the boards (she should have grabbed way more than 5) and she didn't look to attack the basket. On one break, she was given the ball in perfect position, stopped and gave the ball up. It's hard to explain why she's being so passive, given the urgency of these games. Perhaps the memory of getting abused by freshman Stefanie Dolson in Duke's earlier matchup with UConn will be a motivating force for this player who seems to need to be angry to play well against good teams. Duke absolutely cannot defeat UConn if she doesn't show up at both ends of the floor.

Haley Peters


Haley was solid, though not quite as productive as one would like for someone stepping back into a starting role. She had two nice early baskets (a short jumper and a stickback) but couldn't get anything else to land. She also missed the front end of a one-and-one. Peters did hustle like crazy and did well on the boards. She simply needs to be herself on the floor--take the shots she knows she can make and work like crazy to get the ball.

Karima Christmas


When Karima is fully committed to attacking with the basketball and plays against a team that allows her to drive, she is an unstoppable force. She helped get the one player capable of staying in front of her (Keisha Hampton) in foul trouble, which meant it was smooth sailing for her. Duke struggled when she went out in the second half with her third foul. Coach McCallie played the percentages with a double-digit lead and hoped the bench could extend the lead. They couldn't, but when Karima re-entered the game she immediately scored off the dribble. There was nothing very complicated about Karima's 7 field goals. They all came off the dribble, with some in transition. The only exception was a stickback. She got to the foul line a startling 14 times and hit 2 huge shots when DePaul had pulled to within 3 points late in the game. She played harassing defense, coming up with steals that lead to baskets. She also didn't turn the ball over. If Karima continues to play at this level, then Duke has a real chance to defeat UConn.

Jasmine Thomas


Jasmine turned in a typical game, which is to say that she may not have shot well but hit key shots when they counted. What was important was that she stayed aggressive the whole game but didn't take a lot of bad shots. She kicked things off for Duke by scoring on a drive and hitting a three. She scored 6 points late in the half when Duke was building a lead, playing off the ball as Wells was finding ways to get her great shots. In the second half, she had just 2 field goals; however, one of them was a crucial drive when DePaul had cut the lead to 4. Jaz also drained 2 foul shots when DePaul had pulled within 4 a couple of minutes earlier. She capped the game off by blocking an attempted three that could have made things a little more interesting. I'll have more on this in the postseason, but Jasmine has truly become one of Duke's ten best players of all time. She added second-team Academic All-America to her many honors.

Chelsea Gray


Chelsea earned the starting nod and was fairly engaged the entire game. She scored off the dribble and with a short jumper in the first half and also picked off a pass. In the second half, she scored three key baskets. She finished in transition to push Duke's lead to 10, she scored off the dribble to make Duke's lead 11, and scored again off the dribble to push Duke's lead to 6 as DePaul was making a charge. Most importantly, Duke did not hesitate to get her the ball when it was time to make game-icing free throws. She did not fail the team in that regard. Other than a couple of sloppy turnovers, Chelsea was impossible to stop.

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Off the Duke Bench (in order of entry)

Shay Selby


Shay only played five minutes but they were solid ones, as she fed Christmas for a score and came up with a steal.

Allison Vernerey


Alli did everything but finish in this game. She had five great looks at the basket but only managed to convert one of them. The others were all just slightly pushed. On the other hand, Vernerey did nice work on the glass, hustled like crazy and found Jackson for a score. Where she really hurt herself was with foul trouble, as she managed to pick up 4. I'm guessing she was sent back to the bench for lack of recent productivity, and I don't think she'll start again this year. That said, her desire for the ball could be a difference-maker against UConn

Richa Jackson


Richa was typically aggressive, hitting a 15' jumper in the first half and scoring on a nice pass from Vernerey in the second. She also grabbed 4 boards in just thirteen minutes and did much of it subbing in for Christmas. Many times bench players don't feel comfortable taking shots right away, which can lead to offensive stagnation. Richa has no such problems; indeed, she can't wait to attack the basket. She's learned the difference between a good shot and a bad one as she's received more minutes, a lesson that will continue to help her refine her talent.

Kathleen Scheer


Leener played very briefly in the first half when coach McCallie was trying to get a little rest for her regulars.

Chloe Wells


Chloe missed some shots but had a solid first-half stint thanks to her playmaking. She had two assists to Jasmine on cuts and another assist to Gray for a short jumper. She also finished in transition during a Duke run. Chloe hustled after loose balls, twice tracking down her own miss. This was a solid backup stint that kept the offense flowing nicely.

Tricia Liston


Tricia had a first-half cameo but did not make enough of an impact against her hometown foe to return.

#2 Duke Holds Off #3 DePaul, 70-63
Game Recap
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