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Devils Pull Away From Vanderbilt, 88-69
The Nutshell
Devils Pull Away From Vanderbilt, 88-69
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Devils Pull Away From Vanderbilt, 88-69
By Rob Clough
November 21, 2013


Analysis and Stats

Why Duke Won: Duke simply had too many players who could score, something that vexed Vandy's defense. Duke had six players in double figures and plenty of players who could come into relieve foul-plagued teammates.

Why Vanderbilt Lost: The Dores gave a great effort, and when they stayed within their game plan, they managed to stay close. When they started to make more shots in the second half, Vandy let themselves get speeded up by the Devils and started taking quicker, tougher shots.

The Game Turned When...: Duke went on an 11-0 run midway through the second half, thanks to tremendous rebounding of long shots leading to open shots in transition.

X-Factor: Chloe Wells. When Chelsea Gray and Alexis Jones went out of the game early in the second half with three fouls, coach McCallie simply trotted out Chloe Wells. She promptly had a steal and layup, a three and a pass to Liston for a three that triggered Duke's big run. Having this many solid ballhandlers is a luxury most teams don't have.

Areas For Improvement: Duke was flat emotionally for much of the first thirty minutes, and that spilled over into defensive intensity and execution. It didn't help that Williams was on the bench with two fouls, but no one else was stepping up to get stops or grab tough rebounds.

Ramifications: Duke passed a test against a solid top-thirty club that will win a lot of games this year as soon as they get healthy and they figure out how to get the most out of their frosh. Vandy went into the crucible of Cameron and didn't flinch for thirty minutes.

Duke Starters (from post to point)

Elizabeth Williams


Liz provided a big target in the early minutes of the game, slipping behind the zone and cutting to the basket for two quick scores. However, she picked up a foul thirty feet from the basket just a minute into the game, and she picked up a second foul when she brought her arm down on a driver going to the basket. In the second half, she played with tremendous intensity, scoring on two quick lobs and a stickback. Liz later came up with a big block and a steal to fuel fast breaks, and had a tremendous pass to a cutting Jackson when she was double-teamed.

Haley Peters


Haley started the game making strong hustle plays, scoring on an inbound and hitting three of four foul shots. She later hit a ten foot jumper and scored on another pass from Gray. However, when she fouled Rebekah Dahlman taking a three pointer, she crashed into the stand and banged her knee into it. She managed to walk off a bit under her own power, and incredibly came back into the game in the second half. She came up with a loose ball and drained a short jumper, and then found Jones for a three. She left the game after that, as coach McCallie said that she just didn't want to risk any further injury for her. Peters will have a knee MRI tomorrow, but it is hoped that this isn't a season-ending injury.

Tricia Liston


Tricia was held in check in the first half, hitting an early three but getting only two more shots after that. She was able to shake loose in the second half and confidently fired away with a quicker release. Liston splashed in her first couple of treys in the half as she dueled with Foggie and Lister, and later had six points during Duke's big run. When she fired away in transition and made it, one could tell that shot broke Vandy's will a bit. She capped that with another three later in the game, tying her career high with six. She was also more effective on the boards and on defense, sticking much closer to Vandy's guards--especially down the stretch. Her attempts to drive were foiled by a couple of offensive fouls, but Vandy was trying to keep her out of the lane. There's no question that her shooting was a weapon that Vandy simply lost track of in the second half, and that's a testament to her quick release and Duke's dedication to better ball movement.

Alexis Jones


This game was important for Jones because she had a strong performance against an opponent with strong guard play at the same time Gray was also playing well. She started the first half with beautiful passes to Williams for scores, drained an early three and then hit a couple of free throws. Later, she sank another three and hit a pretty reverse layup. After sitting out because of foul trouble, she found Liston twice for treys early in the second half. However, she picked up her third foul early in the half. When she came back against a Vandy team that was going toe-to-toe with the Devils, Jones hit a three and later pulled up and knocked down a tough long jumper as part of Duke's big run. The fact that she's a threat off the dribble and from long range made it difficult for Vandy to cover her, especially since they tried to concentrate on Liston in the first half. The Devils are slowly learning how to punish double teams and face guarding tactics by sharing the ball quicker, but it still took them a while to impose their will on the game. Jones was definitely a part of that process.

Chelsea Gray


Chelsea was spectacular in this game, though she was quiet early. She did have early assists to Peters on an inbounds play and Jones for a three. For the most part, she was content to either go to the foul line or find her teammates, like Jones underneath the basket or Wells for a three. Her only basket of the first half was a tough step-back jumper. In the second half, Chelsea hit Liz twice on lobs until the big run. The rebound she ripped down and rocketed down the court to Liston was a spectacular, gutsy play, one where both players clearly had tremendous trust in each other. When she followed that up with a driving three point play, she pretty much finished off the Commodores. Later, she had a great pass to Williams for a basket and a steal and layup, and she wound things up with a dish to Liston and two foul shots. Flirting with a triple-double, she simply imposed her will on the game when the team really needed her in every phase of the game. She took her seventh charge of the season and is in fourth place in career charges taken.

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Off the Duke Bench (in order of entry)

Richa Jackson


Richa was ineffective much of the nght, as she traveled a couple of times and threw another pass away. Vandy did a great job of keeping her out of the lane, as her only score came when she cut to the basket and took a pass from Williams. Jackson did get one offensive rebound and found Jones for a three. Of course, Jackson did play at the four on some possessions, so she was sort of making things up as she went along.

Oderah Chidom


Oderah was active on the boards, getting a couple of extra cracks at the basket with a couple of offensive rebounds, but neither of them dropped.

Chloe Wells


Chloe came into the game with about five minutes to go in the first half, which is roughly her customary time to come off the bench. She promptly dropped in a three on a pass from Gray. In the second half, she entered the game and immediately came up with a steal and layup. Then she hit another three to keep Vandy at arm's length. She rebounded her own miss and came up with a three point play. She came up with a steal and later tried to attack the basket on her own; sometimes, Chloe has a tendency to take tough shots instead of looking for her teammates. Her instinct tends to be shoot first instead of move the ball around and get shots for others, especially if it's a split-second decision. To her credit, however, she's much better at spreading the ball around than she used to be; indeed, she no longer simply pounds the ball for twenty seconds like she did earlier in her career. There's no question that her calming presence and intensity was something that fired up her teammates as well as the fans, and gave Vandy yet another player to deal with--perhaps one too many.

Amber Henson


Amber continues to quietly provide quality, mature minutes. Rather than try to do too much, she's content to play her game and focus on the things she can do. She immediately blocked a shot and grabbed the rebound when she came into the game, and then got another rebound later in the half. Henson also managed to avoid foul trouble.


Kendall had a cameo appearance but still blocked a shot and grabbed a board. She had a decent-looking crack at the basket that simply didn't drop. Duke's post rotation is still in flux, as Henson, Chidom and McCravey-Cooper seem to play according to in-game performance as well as practice impact.

Ka'lia Johnson


KJ got into the game late and scored after Williams came up with the ball and tossed it to her.

Devils Pull Away From Vanderbilt, 88-69
The Nutshell
Devils Pull Away From Vanderbilt, 88-69
Photo Gallery

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