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Duke Overpowers Marquette, 83-51
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Duke Overpowers Marquette, 83-51
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Duke Overpowers Marquette, 83-51
By Rob Clough
November 23, 2014

Analysis and Stats (JS)

Editor's Note: DWHoops 2014-15 Analysis and Stats are presented in memory of Jim Sabiston. Thanks to a generous donation from his family, this formerly members-only feature is now free to all DWHoops readers.

In memory of Jim Sabiston
Why Duke Won: The Devils' greater depth and willingness to bang inside made the difference. Getting players to step up off the bench when certain starters were struggling was too much for Marquette to deal with.

Why Marquette Lost: Marquette at this point is simply too one-dimensional to compete against elite opponents for forty minutes. Their chuck-and-duck style of play (39 three point attempts, only 25 other FG attempts) can keep them in games but also easily lead to big scoring runs by opponents.

The Game Turned When...: Duke overcame an early 8-4 deficit with a 26-4 run. This was thanks to offensive rebound, attacking the basket, excellent defense and unselfish play.

X-Factor: Oderah Chidom. She's a tough match-up off the bench because of her quickness and energy. In this game she helped settle the team down at various points by keeping things simple and focused at both ends.

Areas For Improvement: Teamwork. Duke had 20 assists for 30 field goals, which is great and represents what the team needs to do. However, there were also a lot of quick shots one-on-one and a few one-on-three fast breaks. The team isn't a selfish one, but it is one where some players simply go too fast and don't think things through on the fly.

Ramifications: This was a decent home opener opponent, one where Duke let some bad habits slip in but then addressed them. It was good for this team to see a deficit on the scoreboard, if only for a little while. It was also good for them to see a team make a real comeback against them once again, because it led to some definite squelchings of those runs.

Duke Starters (from post to point)

Elizabeth Williams


Liz has been a remarkably steady and mature performer this season. However, this was not one of her better games. She looked great in the first half, as she used a variety of hooks and post-ups to score against a team that had some legitimate size and was willing to deal with her one-on-one. She ran the floor, relocated passes out for threes and perfectly executed the "volleyball tap" out of bounds play, where she jumps up high to bat a shot in that's lobbed from out of bounds. She went 1-6 in the second half as she didn't go strong to the hoop, took silly shots and looked like she was waiting for the refs to bail her out. She also had just 2 rebounds; she simply didn't look all that engaged with the action. Duke will need her to maintain focus for forty minutes, which they didn't always need last season.

Amber Henson


This was a quiet game for Amber. There are times when she tends to drift too much on the floor and doesn't seek to make an impact. She didn't seek to post up much nor did she seek the ball. She missed a couple of jump shots but was 4-4 from the line. Her defense was excellent as always and she had a nice pass to Williams inside and to Greenwell for a three, but Duke needs more from her.

Ka'lia Johnson


Ka'lia is still trying to figure out when to really exert her presence and when to save her energy and look to set up others. She lacked some of the aggressiveness that she showed against Old Dominion in the first half despite setting up Greenwell and Williams with beautiful passes. She needed to settle the team down and express leadership during Marquette's runs by way of example, and she did not do that. She fixed that in the second half with an aggressiveness that caught Marquette off guard. It didn't matter that she missed some shots; what was important was that she made herself part of the game.

Rebecca Greenwell


Rebecca is so naturally poised and confident that one forgets that she's doing all of this for the first time. This was her collegiate home opener, and though she has a few games under her belt, it's still a new experience. So the fact that she short-armed some of her shots, went 1-on-3 and looked for drives that weren't quite there shouldn't be surprising; these are frosh mistakes. On the other hand, her relentless, aggressive style of play meant that she was going to the line, scoring off the dribble and setting up her long-range shot. She efficiently hit 4-8 from distance and worked incredibly hard on the boards, pulling down 9 in the first half alone. Some of these came from following her own missed shots, but she never once let down on effort after an offensive miscue. While she was active on defense, she was also beaten off the dribble a few times; she has to be careful to stay low and not overcommit on the drive.

Sierra Calhoun


Sierra was out of control for most of the game. She had a beautiful three point play finish at one point that speaks to her potential if she can trust her teammates to get her the ball. She was called for charging three times, took quick jumpers and generally looked out of synch with the offense. Again, this was not due to selfishness (she had 2 assists) but rather overeagerness.

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Off the Duke Bench (in order of entry)

Oderah Chidom


At this point, the only part of Chidom's game that's a head-slapper is her propensity for turning the ball over. Whether it was setting a moving screen or simply fumbling the ball away on a simple exchange, this is a level of detail that reflects her occasional spaciness on the floor. That particular flaw is magnified a bit by just how much she accomplishes when she's dialed into a play. Her agility and cleverness in finding gaps in the defense to drive through or slither around make her a tough matchup. Best of all, one can never question her effort; in fact, it's been her ability to calm her effort a bit that's made her a better player as a sophomore. She's unselfish, she does a solid job of following rotations and loves to defend the post. She had a block of a shot in transition that was spectacular, even if it was called for a foul. Chidom loves sharing the ball and relocated it out to shooters. She also moves extremely well and quickly without the ball, making her a great target cutting to the basket. Oderah also took a charge and in general did a great job of teaming with the other posts to stop penetration and force tough shots.

Kendall Cooper


Kendall is ridiculously talented and athletic, but is still making a lot of mistakes. She was off-balance for every single shot that she took (hence 0-6 from the floor) and turned the ball over a couple of times. She also had a thunderous rejection and played with a lot of energy at both ends. She didn't have a single foul in this game, which is a big plus and will help her earn more minutes.

Azurá Stevens


Stevens noted that her poor second game was a result of her feeling "prideful" after her excellent opening contest. Refocusing on the game plan, she noted, is what led to her having a great game against Marquette. Posting up against guards, Stevens wasted very little time handling the ball. She either passed to an open player, stuck the ball back in, or finished. On one play in the second half, she posted up on the block near the baseline. After a bump, she spun around and hit a short fadeaway jumper that dropped in. Her game was a model for players in remembering one's role and remembering the game plan. As long as your play is roughly within those parameters, then improvisation is not a bad thing.

Mercedes Riggs


Mercedes has desperately been trying to fit in and make something positive happen in a game. Her learning curve is pretty steep, but the fact that she can compete in practice means she can compete in a game. She did a solid job of defending in this game, didn't make mistakes with the ball and even stuck her nose in for a couple of rebounds.

Lyneé Belton


In a presser on Friday, coach McCallie made it clear that Mathias and Belton were players who were "looking to next year". That's a function of both who's ahead of them in the rotation as well as their work in the preseason. Lyneé's challenge has been fitness, but her skill level is undeniable. On one play, she was fed the ball, sealed off her player and deftly stepped to the basket for a layup. On other, she tried to do too much with the ball but turned it over. Hopefully, she will practice, play and continue working on her fitness in such a way that she could be ready to step in if needed.

Erin Mathias


Erin has made the most progress of any player I've seen so far. She went from absolutely not being ready for prime time to a player who's starting to adapt to the speed and physicality of the game. She acted with confidence and smarts, feeding Belton for a basket. Then she used her size to open up a little space for herself as she buried a long jumper. She followed that up with a couple of foul shots. In general, her defense and general court awareness were both solid.

Jenna Frush


Jenna dove for the ball to force a tie-up turnover. In general, one can see her maturity on the floor as a leader, as she guided traffic when she was out there.

Duke Overpowers Marquette, 83-51
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Duke Overpowers Marquette, 83-51
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