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Devils Dam Stony Brook, 72-42
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Devils Dam Stony Brook, 72-42
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Devils Dam Stony Brook, 72-42
By Rob Clough
November 28, 2014

Analysis and Stats (JS)

In memory of Jim Sabiston

Why Duke Won: For the usual reasons against mid-major teams: the Devils had too much size and too much depth for Stony Brook to compete for forty minutes. That said, Duke's defensive effort in the post was excellent and their perimeter defense adequate.

Why Stony Brook Lost: Foul trouble hurt the team's continuity and limited their top offensive players, but that physical style is the team's signature. They had some chances to capitalize from the three point line but shot just 26% for the game. They also didn't turn Duke over much with their press.

The Game Turned When...: Duke started the second half on an 18-6 run that turned a shaky lead into a dominant one. Duke's dominance on the offensive boards really told the tale here, as a trio of stickbacks combined with a couple of treys staggered the Seawolves.

X-Factor: Points off turnovers. Duke's 18-4 advantage in this category showed that when the Devils were able to force Stony Brook into mistakes, they took advantage of them.

Areas For Improvement: The Devils were just 14-27 from the line, and that included a front end miss of a one-and-one. No individual stood out in this regard as only Henson (3-3) and Calhoun (2-2) were perfect from the line.

Ramifications: Duke's depth has enabled it to essentially mop the floor with mid-major clubs and lesser larger conference opponents. It's been a good run for Duke as they've been in different situations: true road games, a number of games jammed into a short amount of time, teams with different levels of skill, size and experience. Nearly every player on the team has gotten better during this period, especially the frosh.

Duke Starters (from post to point)

Elizabeth Williams


This wasn't a great game for Liz, as she let Stony Brook's tempo get in the way of being quick and decisive with the ball. This didn't affect her rebounding or defense, both of which were excellent, including taking a charge that dissuaded Stony Brook from coming inside. She blocked a three point attempt on the wing, which has to be incredibly demoralizing for an opponent. She made some good, quick passes early in the game but got away from it later in the game. In the second half, she at least tried to attack the basket; the shots weren't all that great, but at least she was attacking. Midway through the second half, she fell and sprained her ankle. It's unclear if she'll be ready to play on Sunday against Texas A&M.

Amber Henson


Amber hit some key buckets, jump-starting Duke early in the game by sinking some perimeter jumpers. She knows how to play off of her teammates well, especially on defense where she's able to roam a bit to tip passes and block shots, knowing that Williams is behind her. In the second half, she slipped inside for a big-time three point play. Amber also hit some foul shots and found Johnson on a cut in the early going, acting almost as a sort of point-power-forward. She was hit with early foul trouble and a general limitation on playing too many minutes on her rebuilt knees, but she's making the most of her time.

Sierra Calhoun


Sierra has been steadily improving to become a legitimate offensive force. She's now becoming more aware of game situations, seeing that the fact that Williams and Greenwell were being bottled up defensively meant that she had a chance to make an impact. She certainly did that in the first half, scoring 10 of Duke's 29 points on a variety of drives, threes and free throws. The second half saw her dig in a bit and generate a steal for a layup, as well as finding Greenwell for a trey. This is a player who simply needs more experience and to tighten up her game a bit, as well as generate a few more rebounds. She still needs to check that impulse to shoot first and ask questions later, but not at the expense of efficient aggressiveness.

Rebecca Greenwell


Rebecca just does not care if she's struggling. She simply goes back to work and assumes the next shot's going in. After seeing a couple of shots rattle in and out, one could sense her frustration, but she channeled that into setting up key scoring opportunities for her teammates. In the second half, she hit a three and everything was fine after that, as she dropped in all sorts of shots.

Ka'lia Johnson


This was a solid game from KJ, but the team perhaps needed a bit more than she gave. When the team was struggling to make decisions against the zone, KJ should have stepped up and tried to take some shots or set her teammates up in the post. Instead, she was largely passive in the first half, aside from a cut for a score. Foul trouble slowed her down a bit, but she came out with a vengeance in the second half. It was discouraging to see her go 2-5 from the foul line, but she never stopped hustling. KJ may not need to be a big scorer in every game, but she needs to find ways to mark her influence on a game in positive ways, and do it on every play. Her taking a charge is an example of how to do this, as this isn't a flashy stat but was crucial to her team.

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Off the Duke Bench (in order of entry)

Erin Mathias


After a great game on Tuesday, Erin came into the game and immediately committed two quick fouls. That pretty much put a damper on her performance, though she didn't go into a shell in the second half. Indeed, she simply played through her mistakes, as she blocked a shot and grabbed a couple of boards.

Oderah Chidom


After an off-balance first half that saw her perplexingly miss five straight shots, most of them tip-ins, Oderah was a big key to Duke's attack in the second half. She scored on a reverse, a stickback, with her right hand, and on a drive. She missed a couple of free throws and noted that she didn't focus well in the first half, but that her teammates told her to shrug off those plays and concentrate on dominating. That's certainly what happened in her dynamic second half.

Kendall Cooper


Kendall missed her first three foul shots badly but finally got on board by hitting the fourth. She's a frustrating player to watch because she's a great athlete, big and skilled, but she makes so many little mistakes. When she's dialed in, she's a monster and difficult to contain. When she drifts, she often starts picking up cheap fouls and short-arms shots. Her potential is too great to keep her on the bench, but she has to become a more reliable presence. In this game, she spotted up for a gorgeous 18' jumper that she buried and later found Belton on a perfect pass from the high post.

Mercedes Riggs


Mercedes has yet to make an impact in any game, but one can see that she's starting to get closer to being able to do that, bit by by. She's at least now minimizing errors and concentrating totally on defense. She passed up a few very good shots and took a tougher shot to bail out the offense; she'll need to be more aggressive and step into those shots in the future.

Lyneť Belton


Lyneť's skill set and strength make her an exciting player to think about, especially once the game slows down and she gets in better shape. Right now, she's keeping things simple: defend, rebound, attack the basket. She had two tip-ins and beautifully finished a high-low pass from Cooper. She has to be careful to make sure opponents don't use that size against her, as she was called for a charge after plowing over an opponent. Defensively, she used her timing to swat a couple of shots and she also generated a steal. This is the kind of performance that gets you more minutes later in the year.

Jenna Frush


Jenna hit a free throw and had a dish to Cooper for a long jumper.

Devils Dam Stony Brook, 72-42
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Devils Dam Stony Brook, 72-42
Member Photos

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