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BC Stuns Duke, 60-56
The Nutshell
Preview: Duke at UNC
BC Stuns Duke, 60-56
By Rob Clough
January 22, 2015

Analysis and Stats (JS)

In memory of Jim Sabiston

Why Boston College Won: They got just enough support from their bit players to give some daylight to their shooters, who were fearless in hitting 13-35 from distance. They also stayed just close enough on the boards and forced just enough turnovers while limiting their own.

Why Duke Lost: Duke's first half schemes against Boudreau were an utter failure; while going to a box-and-one in the second half slowed her down, that was a move that should have been made much earlier. On offense, Duke's three leading scorers got no support whatsoever from its bench.

The Game Turned When...: The Eagles hit back-to-back threes with under two minutes left to turn a two point deficit into a four point lead. A turnover from Ka'lia Johnson helped set up the latter score.

X-Factor: Katie Quandt. The young BC big gave the Eagles a desperately needed scoring threat down low, even if most of her baskets were short jumpers. She was not afraid to challenge Duke's bigs down low and had one of her best games of the year.

Areas For Improvement: Defensive rotations and offensive variety. It's a tribute to Stevens and Williams that they were able to score as many points as they did, because BC packed their zone in pretty tight. Duke was such a non-threat to score from distance that the Eagles could afford to send extra players down low or into passing lanes.

Ramifications: This is a bad loss for Duke, one that could keep them from hosting the NCAA tournament's first two rounds if they don't make it up against a superior opponent. Duke had a chance to tie for first place in the ACC with Miami , Notre Dame and FSU; instead, they're in a logjam.

Editor's Note - player analysis will return Sunday as Duke faces UNC in Chapel Hill.

Duke Starters (from post to point)

Elizabeth Williams


Amber Henson


Azurá Stevens


Rebecca Greenwell


Ka'lia Johnson


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Off the Duke Bench (in order of entry)

Mercedes Riggs


Kendall Cooper


Erin Mathias


BC Stuns Duke, 60-56
The Nutshell
Preview: Duke at UNC

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