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Devils Overwhelm Virginia, 71-45
The Nutshell
Preview: Duke at Notre Dame
Devils Overwhelm Virginia, 71-45
By Rob Clough
February 13, 2015

Analysis and Stats (JS)

In memory of Jim Sabiston

Why Duke Won: Winning the battle of points off turnovers was key, because the Devils seemed to come up with a key steal and basket every time Virginia seemed to be on the verge of making a comeback.

Why Virginia Lost: Their guards were simply not up to the task. 9-33 shooting from their top four perimeter players simply isn't going to get it done against a team that dominates the boards like Duke did in this contest (and does on a routine basis).

The Game Turned When...: The Devils went on a 15-4 run to end the first half. Duke has had trouble finishing up first halves this season due to foul trouble and overall inconsistency, but they put the Hoos away with a turnover-forcing flourish.

X-Factor: Ka'lia Johnson. KJ is embracing the role of a leader who plays like a hustling role player. She scores off of hustle plays like steals and has stopped taking contested jump shots. Her playmaking is becoming remarkably steady, despite the occasional turnover.

Areas For Improvement: Only Greenwell and Riggs managed to hit threes; I'd like to see Stevens and Henson hit a few of those to open up their own opportunities inside. 19 turnovers is still too many, even if Virginia didn't take advantage of many of them.

Ramifications: Duke is now 10-2 in the ACC as they come into the final stretch of four games this season. With a loss by Florida State to UNC, Duke is suddenly in great position, if and only if they beat Notre Dame on Monday night. Otherwise, the Devils will almost certainly by the #3 seed in the ACC tournament. Virginia lost a chance at a resume-building win and seem destined for a WNIT appearance.

Did Not Want: Open Three Pointers Resulting in Ten or More Virginia Threes. The Devils only gave up 11 total attempts from long range and held the Hoos to 2-11 shooting. This was a great showing for the defense.

Editor's Note: Player-by-Player will return Monday as Duke visits Notre Dame

Duke Starters (from post to point)

Elizabeth Williams


Kendall Cooper


Azurá Stevens


Rebecca Greenwell


Ka'lia Johnson


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Off the Duke Bench (in order of entry)

Mercedes Riggs


Amber Henson


Erin Mathias


Jenna Frush


Devils Overwhelm Virginia, 71-45
The Nutshell
Preview: Duke at Notre Dame

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