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Wolfpack Women Burn Duke, 72-59
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Wolfpack Women Burn Duke, 72-59
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Wolfpack Women Burn Duke, 72-59
By Rob Clough
February 22, 2015

Analysis and Stats (JS)

In memory of Jim Sabiston

Why NC State Won: They nailed their open threes, they took advantage of opportunities, and they absolutely out-toughed and out-hustled Duke when it counted.

Why Duke Lost: Above all else, it was Duke's 18 turnovers that led to their loss, because State made them pay again and again. At the other end, Duke forced just 7 turnovers.

The Game Turned When...: . State went on a 7-0 run late in the second half to push a four point lead up to eleven.

X-Factor: Carlee Schuhmacher. She battled Duke's bigs and got some key rebounds and scored enough to be taken seriously inside.

Areas For Improvement: For Duke, spacing and focus were once again big problems. Players like Amber Henson and Kendall Cooper can hit jumpers, but they're not taking them with any confidence at all. When they stay in the post, they clog things up for Williams and Stevens. State played at close to maximum efficiency, given their roster and its limitations.

Ramifications: This dealt a brutal blow to Duke's chances at the ACC's #2 seed and may well put them at the #4 seed. It also hurts their chances of hosting a first-round NCAA game, but I'd say that they're still hosting as of today. For State, their very thin NCAA tourney chances are kept alive for another day, but they still have a lot of work to do with FSU and Notre Dame as their two remaining regular season opponents.

Did Not Want: 12 or more threes by the Pack. NC State hit exactly 12 threes on just 25 attempts, and won the game.

Duke Starters (from post to point)

Elizabeth Williams


When Liz had the ball, she was a constant threat to score -- even if she did miss a few easy ones. State couldn't do much to stop her once she got the right position, and she even hit a couple of jump shots. Her real problem in this game is that she didn't grab enough boards and she coughed up the ball too much. Still, she never stopped being aggressive and kept Duke close.

Azurá Stevens


Azurá was up and down throughout the game. She'd make a great, athletic play and score and then turn the ball over. She'd scrap for the ball and force a jump ball, and then miss a layup. She still managed to get a double-double, even as she went just 3-8 from the foul line, including a critical miss at the end of the first half.

Amber Henson


Amber tried hard but was hampered after she twisted an ankle in the first half. Her movement was greatly hampered after that, especially her ability to score on jump shots. Her defense and rebounding were solid as always, but her presence made the offense sputter.

Rebecca Greenwell


Becca had a nightmarish shooting game, but she kept on firing. This is how it has to be with her; she needs to have a short memory for missed shots, because Duke needs her to shoot. To her credit, she found ways to manufacture points, like getting to the foul line and attacking the basket on drives.

Ka'lia Johnson


KJ was Duke's most indispensable player on the floor against State, and her foul trouble in the second half (all five fouls were picked up in the second half!) hurt Duke's offense. She was the one player who could attack State off the dribble and get fouled. She moved the ball around nicely and played solid defense. Her last two fouls were not smart ones, however.

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Off the Duke Bench (in order of entry)

Erin Mathias


Erin has been slowly improving and did well against Notre Dame in limited minutes, but her 14 minutes were mostly ineffective. She got some rebounds but was no kind of offensive threat.

Kendall Cooper


Kendall went back to the bench and did some good things -- except in terms of actually scoring. She had one score on a cut but missed two jumpers badly. The problem is that State packed the lane and made her ineffective as a result, because she couldn't act as a floor spacer.

Mercedes Riggs


Mercedes needs to get the ball inside, play solid defense and be a floor spacer. While she rebounded well in this game and hustled, she was otherwise ineffective.

Wolfpack Women Burn Duke, 72-59
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Wolfpack Women Burn Duke, 72-59
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