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Georgia Tech Extends Duke Woes, 71-62
The Nutshell
Devils In Detail - February 2015
Georgia Tech Extends Duke Woes, 71-62
By DWHoops Staff
February 27, 2015

Analysis and Stats (JS)

In memory of Jim Sabiston

Why Georgia Tech Won: The Jackets had a superb game plan. Instead of trying to pressure Duke, they totally clogged the lane in a way no other opponent has from the get-go. They simply dared Duke to shoot and in particular encouraged Amber Henson to take as many shots as she wanted. From there, Tech shot well from three but also mixed in enough drives to keep Duke guessing.

Why Duke Lost: They took too many perimeter shots and showed little urgency in their play until ten minutes remained. The coaches didn't seem to have many answers for them in figuring out how to beat Tech's game plan.

The Game Turned When...: . Katerina Vuckovic hit a three with a little over a minute left. That pretty much put Duke into panic mode.

X-Factor: Roddreka Rogers. The daughter of former ACC great Rodney did her father proud with 6 points and 13 rebounds. She hit some tough buckets down the stretch and single-handedly prevented Duke from rebounding at will.

Areas For Improvement: Tech played about as well as they possibly could. Duke's spacing was awful above all else, and no one shot with confidence except Greenwell. Defensively, Duke played with little toughness and as per usual in the zone, were too slow to contest threes in the corner.

Ramifications: This was an extremely damaging loss for Duke. They are now tied with UNC and need to beat them to retain a first-day bye in the ACC tournament. A loss to the Heels will mean a sixth-place finish for Duke.The Jackets are desperately trying to avoid playing on Wednesday, and this win helps.

Did Not Want: Kaela Davis scoring 30 or more points.. Her 24 points was enough to get the win, because so many other players stepped up.

Duke Starters (from post to point)

Elizabeth Williams


Tech triple-teamed her all night, and Liz tried to find others by passing out. This didn't always work, as the fence Tech built around the basket was pretty air-tight, since they were allowing all kinds of perimeter shots. Defensively and on the boards, she was an incredible force, as Tech could do nothing against her in particular. Opponents have learned to double-team her (at a minimum) and let the chips fall where they may, because Duke simply doesn't have enough guns to support her right now.

Azurá Stevens


Azurá had a frequently frustrating game, as she took and missed a number of long-range shots. She did hit a three, score on a post-up and hit a hook late in the first half to bring Duke closer. In the second half, she hit a floater, found Greenwell in transition, scored on a stickback and a turnaround. Tech was very physical with her and she evinced some frustration with this, but she never stopped being aggressive.

Amber Henson


Amber took some highly ill-advised shots, and did so with little confidence. She did have a stickback and some free throws, but she looked off-balance the whole game.

Rebecca Greenwell


Rebecca was the only perimeter player that Tech bothered to guard, and while she struggled to score, she also made adjustments. She took her game off the dribble and found driving lanes as Tech draped themselves around Williams. She got steals and got out in transition. She became a playmaker and found Stevens for scores. Greenwell did have trouble with turnovers, but Duke didn't lose because of a lack of effort on her part.

Ka'lia Johnson


This was one of KJ's worst games. Other than a late three, she was invisible on offense and did a poor job of playmaking. She also got into silly foul trouble yet again. Duke needs her to be an impact player.

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Off the Duke Bench (in order of entry)

Mercedes Riggs


Other than a couple of rebounds, Mercedes had no impact on the game.

Erin Mathias


Erin continues to rebound well, but without a guard to get her the ball, she has struggled to score.

Kendall Cooper


This was one of Kendall's best games in a while. Tech practically gave her an invitation to shoot and drive, and she finally took them up on it by scoring on a drive, hitting a leander, scoring on a post-up and nailing a 10' jumper. Duke needs this kind of production from her all the time, especially since she also grabbed 9 rebounds.

Georgia Tech Extends Duke Woes, 71-62
The Nutshell
Devils In Detail - February 2015

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