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Previewing Clemson
3 Things To Know: Florida State
3 Things To Know: Duke
By Rob Clough
January 5, 2010

For 12 days DWHoops will count down the ACC with three items about each team - including factoids, new players to note, trends or other observations. We continue today with our own Duke Blue Devils, predicted to finish second in the league.


DWHoops ACC Prediction: #2

  1. The team is scary-fast. Baseline-to-baseline, Duke's team speed even matches up with the usual burners at UNC. The slowest players are Joy Cheek & Krystal Thomas, and even they are pretty mobile. That speed can be overwhelming against many opponent.

  2. They're tough. Especially Karima Christmas, who seems to play better after she's been knocked down a couple of times. When she's mad, watch out. Ask Marissa Coleman about how physical Bridgette Mitchell is.

  3. They don't always fit together well on the court. Many of the team's players were recruited for a more fluid offense (Jasmine Thomas was born to play in a high pick-and-roll offense), and there's some resistance to the more patterned, post-oriented offense of Coach McCallie. Not in the sense of rebellion, but in the sense that some players have trouble internalizing the goals of that offense while still being able to read defenses and come up with the best possible shot. This has meant long scoreless stretches punctuated by a lack of focus at both ends, especially against teams that Duke can't turn over easily. Duke tends to snap out of it when someone does something tough, like get a difficult offensive rebound, block a shot or disrupt a pass. The team then snaps back into focus and starts one of their scoring runs. How well Duke winds up doing this year will depend on how well they can synch up with the coaches while maintaining focus, court awareness and unselfishness.

Previewing Clemson
3 Things To Know: Florida State

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