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3 Things To Know: Duke
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3 Things To Know: Florida State
By Rob Clough
January 7, 2010

For 12 days DWHoops has counted down the ACC with three items about each team - including factoids, new players to note, trends or other observations. Today we conclude the series with our pick to again win the ACC Regular Season, the Florida State Seminoles

Florida State

DWHoops ACC Prediction: #1

  1. They are deep. They lost their starting backcourt from last season, but their freshman class this year has two redshirts who are providing big-time help. Alexa DeLuzio has been a boost both in terms of shooting and ballhandling, while Chasity Clayton is an athletic marvel who's been wreaking havoc off the bench.. Having a year to watch and/or practice with the team was obviously a big benefit for both players. They are going to get even deeper soon, when Spanish player Leonor Rodriquez becomes eligible. This guard will give them extra firepower off the bench.

  2. They share the ball. FSU has any number of players who can score: Jacinta Monroe and Cierra Bravard in the post, Alysha Harvin and Angel Gray at the wings, and Courtney Ward at point. This is a group that's been playing together for a while, and they know each other's tendencies.

  3. They have no apparent flaws. FSU is solid in every area of the game: experience, size, depth, shooting, passing, ballhandling, etc. Two possible areas of concern: they don't have a go-to scorer who can them a bucket when it's absolutely necessary, and I'm not sure how mentally tough this team is. They were handled with surprising ease by DePaul, a team that really had no business beating them. This appeared to be their annual inexplicable loss which at least came at the hands of a slightly higher brand of opponent than usual. FSU was missing shots in that game and then couldn't convert offensive rebounds, and then they got soft at the defensive end. While UConn beat them by 19 points, it was only a 6-point margin at the half. Considering that the Huskies have been a wrecking ball this year, it was actually a decent showing, especially from frosh Chasity Clayton, who was quick enough to compete with UConn's athletes. Still, FSU will need to continue to show mental toughness and get wins as a result.

3 Things To Know: Duke
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