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ACC QF: #9 NCSU 75, #1 Duke 73
The Nutshell
ACC QF: #9 NCSU 75, #1 Duke 73 (Gallery)
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ACC QF: #9 NCSU 75, #1 Duke 73
Player Analysis and Stats
Published March 2, 2012


By Rob Clough

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Duke Starters (from post to point)

Elizabeth Williams


Liz fouled out for the first time in her career and struggled to get good looks at the basket. Through sheer force of will, she still managed to score 12 points by powering through as many as three defenders at a time. Her 7 blocks were remarkable, especially when she was able to control them and keep the rebound inbounds. Liz did need to be smarter about being physical once she had picked up her third foul, because Duke had to use desperation plays once she fouled out.

Haley Peters


After a solid first half where she hit a big three and a short jumper, Haley disappeared in the second half. Foul trouble seemed to make her tentative, but wasn't much of a force in the post, nor did she hunt her shot. State did a great job of neutralizing a player who is usually a matchup problem for opponents.

Kathleen Scheer


Leener was great in the second half when Duke needed a lift, hitting a couple of free throws, blocking 2 shots and running into the lane and scoring on a stickback.

Shay Selby


Shay was solid in this game, hitting a jumper and scoring twice on drives in the first half, and then scoring in transition and hitting 2 foul shots in the second half. She missed a straight-on three that would have tied the game at 66 and otherwise pretty much disappeared in the last twelve minutes of the game. I would have liked to have seen her try to attack the basket more in the second half, a tactic that worked well in the first half.

Chelsea Gray


It was the best of games, it was the worst of games. Chelsea dropped a career-high 25 points on NC State but was an atrocious 4-9 from the foul line--including missing the front end of a one-and-one that would have tied the game at 75. She had 7 rebounds but her 8 turnovers were almost entirely unforced mental errors. She had to do a lot of heavy lifting for this team but also went too often for the spectacular play when the routine was what was needed. This was the rare game where Gray did not make her teamates better.

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Off the Duke Bench (in order of entry)

Tricia Liston


After a weak first half where she missed several layups and short shots and also committed 2 offensive fouls, Tricia exploded in the second half with a trio of treys. That included a couple of high-pressure, clutch threes down the stretch. Unfortunately, she also missed a layup that would have tied the game at 75 as well as an earlier short jumper. She at least had the courage to take those shots and also had the presence of mind to find Vernerey rolling to the hoop.

Allison Vernerey


State kept Alli out of the lane, with the exception of one key basket in the second half. She had 2 great assists in the second half to Williams on a high-low and to Liston after she grabbed a rebound, but Duke could have used a better effort on the boards from her. To her credit, she was one of the few Duke players who hustled down the floor on defense on every play.

Ka'lia Johnson


Ka'lia had a couple of nice rebounds but was otherwise a huge drop-off in production for Duke when she was on the floor. She had 2 key turnovers and then inexplicably fouled late in the first half, giving State 2 easy points. I know that coach McCallie is desperately trying to get her ready for real minutes to extend the team's depth, but in a close game she is a liability.

ACC QF: #9 NCSU 75, #1 Duke 73
The Nutshell
ACC QF: #9 NCSU 75, #1 Duke 73 (Gallery)
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