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Devils In Detail - Juniors
By Rob Clough
October 15, 2010

A Look at Duke's Junior Class

Editor's Note: Devils in Detail is a periodic DWHoops feature that looks closely at Duke's roster. Our special preseason edition continues with a look at Duke's junior class. This class has shrunk to two players with the departure of Chelsea Hopkins; we will look back at her Duke career in a "Devils in Detail - Departures" feature next week.

Shay Selby

Shay Selby
Shay Selby on the bounce in Greensboro.

Key Stats: 3 ppg, 1.5 rpg

The Overview: hay is a great example of a player who recreated herself as a player in order to fill a team need and get playing time. She fashioned herself as an expert charge-taker, and led the team in this area. Her willingness to lure opponents into flattening her or fling elbows into her face spoke to her level of dedication as a player. She accepted the critique of needing to work harder on defense (which kept her rooted to the bench last year) and simply went out and got better. Getting that extra playing time allowed her to show what she can do on offense, which has had mixed results. She's a good long range shooter (right around break-even at 33% from three) and a clever passer, but there were times that she tried to get just a bit too fancy. The intent was noble (a spectacular pass or drive to pump up her teammates and the crowd), but the execution was often flawed. What I liked best about Shay this year is that she was not afraid of game pressure. She was comfortable taking big shots in tight situations. Her 2 threes against Georgia Tech in the ACC tournament were important shots in a game whose margin was razor-thin for much of the game.

What's Ahead: Other than Jasmine Thomas, Shay will be the only experienced ballhandler returning to the team. Though there are plenty of guards entering the program this year, Shay's experience will give her an opportunity to get a lot of minutes. I see her as the first guard off the bench, replacing either Jasmine Thomas or Chelsea Gray. As such, she will need to be ready to either initiate and run the offense or spot up for jumpers, depending whom she subs in for. Selby will need to work on all aspects of her game: strength, shooting, ballhandling, and court vision. She doesn't have a glaring flaw at the moment (though she really does need to get stronger), so she simply needs to work on her skills and versatility. With so many younger guards entering the program, this will also be a good time for her to develop as a leader. With so few upperclassmen at Duke next year, that kind of leadership will be important.

Kathleen Scheer

Kathleen Scheer
Kathleen Scheer shoots a trey in the ACC title game.

Key Stats: 2.3 ppg, 1.1 rpg

What She's Accomplished: After getting an fairly extended tryout period during the preseason, Kathleen wasn't able to crack the extended rotation during conference play. There were exceptions, and Coach McCallie was comfortable bringing her off the bench at the end of the first half for a few minutes and a long look from three. She gave Duke five great minutes against NC State in the ACC title game, hitting a big three. Scheer worked hard to contribute in other ways on the floor, like hitting the boards hard and trying to get physical on defense. The effort is certainly there with her, but she's had trouble getting to the right place on the floor at the right time. More problematically, Scheer seemed to lack confidence in her shot, especially early in the year when she was working so hard to try to crack the extended rotation. She put a lot of pressure on herself, and it was clear that in situations where she felt more relaxed (like in her great showing against Hampton in the NCAA tourney: 8 points, 4 rebounds), she played with much greater confidence and ease.

What's Ahead: Scheer is still 6-2 and can still shoot from anywhere on the floor. While Duke did recruit another shooter deluxe in Tricia Liston, Scheer has the advantage in size and experience. She's had two years to learn how to play defense and knows first-hand how physical the game is at this level. This summer, she's had another chance to continue to work on her body and get stronger. This season, she'll be competing primarily with Liston for playing time, and if Scheer can knock down long-range shots on a regular basis, she will get to play. It's that simple. Coach McCallie values experience and especially values veterans who work hard to improve her games. The proof is in the extended minutes by Keturah Jackson and Bridgette Mitchell after limited playing time earlier in their careers.

Be sure to look for the DWHoops Gold Photos of these players and their teammates, coming later in the month...

3 ACC Questions: #8 Miami
3 ACC Questions: #5 Georgia Tech

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