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Devils In Detail - Sophomores
ACC Transfers
Devils In Detail - Departures
By Rob Clough
October 20, 2010

A Look at Players who Transferred

Editor's Note: Devils in Detail is a periodic DWHoops feature that looks closely at Duke's roster. Our special preseason edition continues with a farewell look at two players who will be continuing their basketball careers elsewhere: Chelsea Hopkins and Alexis Rogers.

Chelsea Hopkins

Chelsea Hopkins
Chelsea Hopkins gets a steal in Duke's Pink Zone game vs. NC State

Key Stats: 1.2 ppg, 1 rpg

The Overview: Chelsea struggled in coming back from knee surgery, losing some of her natural explosiveness off her first step. Never a great shooter, this made it difficult for her to crack the rotation, as Shay Selby effectively beat her out as the regular deep guard reserve. On top of that, Chelsea suffered another injury that kept her out of four games late in the year. By the time she got healthy again, the ACC tournament came around, which was no time to lengthen the rotation. Hopkins did get one last hurrah against Hampton in the NCAA tournament, scoring 5 points. Chelsea's problem as a soph is that she never was able to adjust her game to the reality of her diminished quickness. As a result, she turned the ball over too often (25 turnovers to 19 assists); in her role, she needed to prove that she could value the ball.

What's Next: Chelsea has chosen to transfer to San Diego State in order to get into a situation where she can be more competitive and receive more playing time. Considering that a blue chip point guard and a backup point guard were recruited for next year's team, this is a decision that makes sense for Chelsea. Competing for playing time would have been extremely difficult. A year off will also allow her to get into better game shape after her knee surgery.

Alexis Rogers

Key Stats: 1.5 ppg, 1.6 rpg
Alexis Rogers
Alexis Rogers comes off the bench for a quick three against VaTech.

The Overview: Rogers was caught up in a numbers and experience crunch this season. With three seniors all doing things in her range of skills, Rogers had trouble at first in practice duplicating that same level of effort and efficiency. There's no question that she has the tools to be a fine college player. She can finish with either hand, she's strong, she's physical and can get up and down the floor. For the most part, she only received spot minutes in ACC season, though she was often trusted enough to come in at the end of the first half when outcomes were still in doubt.

What's Next: In August, Alexis decided to transfer to Bowling Green in order to be closer to home. After an up-and-down freshman year and a summer spent playing against Duke's incoming freshmen, it's not surprising to see her come to this decision. I think she'll be a great fit for coach Curt Miller's program, especially since she'll have a year to adjust to college life. It's no secret that Alexis was frequently unhappy being anchored to the bench this past season, but she'll have a chance to make a significant impact in the MAC.

Our next article will cover departures from other ACC schools.

Devils In Detail - Sophomores
ACC Transfers

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